Thursday, December 8, 2016

Slip Slidin' Away

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A relative sent word today about their Christmas sorrow in my Godfather is basically dying. It is always a study in how people who die or are dying suddenly spring angel wings, and how the reality really is.

When my beloved Uncle died, this would be the brother of  this Godfather which I was stuck with (It is ok as the other one in my Godmother was a stupid whore, so I got the real dregs), .......any way my beloved Uncle, had just died, and had give me a family heirloom, which he had inherited, and Godfather did not know about it and went nuts looking for it.
I informed him on the day we buried my Uncle that he had given it to me. To which Godfather's face went deathly furious cold, and said it was not my Uncle's to give and I had to give it back immediately. I was devastated, cried and all the emotions in being told that someone I loved was a fraud and a jerk on the day we buried him.
Turns out it got straightened out by another family member in it was mine and I could keep it and the Godfather had nothing to say about it.

This was the same people who got me out of the way when my Uncle was dying, so they could ransack his while I was sitting with the dying, they were hauling out the loot.

As I stated, it is interesting in how people sprout angel wings in dying or death.

This is not to say my beloved Uncle could not be a son of a bitch at times, but he was 95% good and he made up for it in treating me good.

That is the study in this in I have prayed for this Godfather to repent, apologize.......the whole 9 yards, and nothing all these years, and now he is dying a pretty crappy death in heart failure, is on O2 because he can not breathe, kidneys have shut down, and he is fat as a prize heifer, because his slovenliness and gluttony got him dressed out at 350 pound.

This man waited around his entire life for my Uncle to die, so he would inherit things. It pissed him off and his family that Mom was left in my Uncle's will too, and after all this, they spread the nastiest lies about us, and  the icy stares of the factions were a real treat in glaring at me death rays.
When my sister was auditioning for bitch of the year to  get back at Mom, she got cozy with my Godfather too for holidays.......only so much the Godfather can put up with in freeloaders so they got the boot too....oh if you do not know the protocols in this, if Godfather invited you over for a meal, you had better invite him back or you were shit on the list.

I sometimes thing about the time he got me to pitch hog shit for him. See there was a deal in politeness with my beloved Uncle and me. I would do a job, and he would say, "How much do I owe you?" I would reply, "Nothing" and walk away, and he would call after me, "I'll make it right you damn shit!"
Yes in my world that is how people who love you talk to you, and he always did. If it was 100 bucks at Christmas so I could not return it, or taking me fishing for a few days, my Uncle always made things right in the end.
 I miss him and my Grandpa immensely yet as you could always stop by their house any time. You never needed an invite or to call. You just showed up, and they would be glad you came, and you always got fed whether you protested or not, because that is the way they were.

All I feel for my Godfather though after all his wrath and injury to us over the years, is nothing. He was a stupid man who never knew how to deal with people, so no one ever liked him. Now the Spirit in me mourns for another wasted life, a life in a man so stupid that he never knew all the harm he did, and a man so stupid that he was grinning at me with his daughter a few years ago, like none of what they did ever happened, as I suppose they were the bigger people for forgiving me for something I never did.

I do not know if he was having a great life if that would irk me more, as his toxic sister has the great life, but she is dying of brain cancer slowly too, so it is just all hurt in so much pain these people sowed, and now they are dying horrid deaths, which they deserve, but it is probably God's Love in giving them the last chances to repent and make things right, which they will never do, as their things are what is their god and validation.

Oddly we bumped into these people this past spring, and TL and I both thought he would not make it to Christmas as he was so ashen faced. I suppose though in the geezer home, on oxygen, someone to wipe your ass, getting kidney flushed that you might nurse it along in this world for a few more heart beats, but one day that grim reaper is coming.

I was thinking about his wife in that letter lamenting all the bad things that happened to them this year, and the reason is, no one cares in their community all they are going through, so it pours out in a downer Christmas letter.

As I type the last words in this, the one thing which persists in my mind is the thought that if Mom cozies up too much to them, I am going to get stuck hauling him out, and that is going to be an unmerciful load even for 6 in a casket. I am going to have to mention that, as frankly my cousins can get that job as they liked playing the game......and there should be some distant somethings they can scrape up to lift the load.

One of the last few things I would care to be doing this winter is hauling that two tons out to the frozen ground with a Dickens gale blowing, in being tormented by this bastard one more  time, before he gets planted.

At least my dad will probably have company in hell......odd in how I was going to inquire about that the other day and forgot until now about the day when the demons come to drag the dearly departed off to hell.

It is the reason you behave yourself in life, so that Jesus saves you,  and you are not out of body wondering what those screaming black devils are coming out of the floor for you are glad to see such a wonderful soul like you.