Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Landmark of Your Hearts

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The Holy Ghost has been repeating in these verses so it is the additional post today, and it concerns a vast array of things in America and the Western Peoples, in how their harboring sins and promoting national sins, judging they are tolerant in sodomy or aborticide, that this elevates them to a higher place, when in reality it only enables misguided souls to their eternal doom.

Proverbs 22

10 Remove not the old landmark; and enter not into the fields of the fatherless:
11 For their Redeemer is mighty; He shall plead their cause with thee.

The West is overflowing now with the feudal 1% who have sentenced the native peoples to genocide. Whether you believe it or not, each of you is a Spiritual breeding program product from God Himself. You were perfected in the stock of the Patriarchs in Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, with the Sons of Israel, to be recepticals for God to sow His Holy Spirit into, and then to be ministers to the entire world to give the message of Salvation to all other races.

A little sin, a little betrayal from leaders, to a cartel intent on removing God's  Spiritual race, to be replaced by an illuminated race, and we have before us the Merkel, May/Cameron, Hollande, Obama, Clinton genocide of the chosen People.

I am going to put the facts before you again on a subject which has been propagandized and it has to do with the modern "Jew", as too many people do not have the correct information.
The Jew originally, was the offspring of Jacob's son, Judah. They were a race of leaders from David to Jesus. Into this though came the bastardization of the Torah in Babylon to intellectual Talmud  racism, and the mystical in the Kabballah.

What this devolved to is what Jesus found, and what murdred Him, in a group of modern Muslims really, who hid in religion, abusing other peoples and murdering them, as this group of Jews was rich, appointed by Rome and were in power to control the masses.

After the Judgment on Jerusalem in 70 AD, a group of Asians who lived east of Turkey in the old Hittite empire, kindred of Russians in the Ashkenaz, converted in mass to Jewry. This is the important part in this, because the original "Jew", was not all Jewish.

If you read in the book of Esther, you will find out she was not a Jewess, but was a Benjaminite. Benjamin was the full brother to Joseph by Rachel their Mother. When God Judged and Divorced Israel and Judah, the Northern Kingdom had 10 Tribes which became "lost" or hidden, and the Southern Kingdom was comprised of Judah, Benjamin and Levi.

When the Ashkenaz converted, they outnumbered the Jews, and to this day these blue eyed to big nosed types are the almost 70% majority in modern Jewry. The elite have marching orders in the cartel to interbreed with the Israelite peoples to lift the Ashkenaz Spiritual DNA as this is a hidden religious cult.

In  Deuteronmony 28 there are curses for each of us, and our nations, if we do not obey God's Laws. Most of what is engulfing us in disease, wars, terrorism, poverty and invasion are from that curse. There are though these predators and traitors amongst us who keep moving "our landmarks".
It does not matter if it is national borders in invasion, moving the borders of your 401k's to rob you, or coming onto a blog and stealing content without donating for it, those are landmarks of people's property given by God, and others taking advantage of those who do not have the Trump lawyers to protect their interests.

God sees all of this. God witnessed the degenerate evil of the Obama regime in rewarding cronies and economically raping every America, European and Muslim to make them wards of the state to control them. When God says He will plead your cause in this, that means He will take action as in court in pleading, and there will be His Judgment and will be a severe retribution.

I have an example as personal stories teach better than these broad ranging charges, in what is evil.

When TL and I were moving from the metro to the brier patch. We faced a great deal of demonic resistance. We also were shunned by TL's family. It was not just "not helping" as every one of you who has ever moved, knows what a nightmare it is, but when you have a demon and evil thoughts making your back go out the week before, and you have to live on Advil, things get interesting.

TL's mother lured TL out to a meeting on errands, which turned into the mother about rolling around on the street bawling and carrying on. The father is always too busy pretending he is a ballroom dancer or hiding in children's games online to ever think of other people, and the sister decided to phone up on the last weekend and announce she was coming over to tell TL what a mistake this was, how bad TL was and what a mistake I am. (This never happened as she was told to stay away, and the fact is the sister was only giving the lecture because she did not want to be stuck taking care of the parental duo.)

In the end, although numerous times the preceeding year, we both had given them rides to appointments, car repairs and hauled things for them in Zelda, which as my vehicle, we received absolutely no help in this taxing move which I still am astonished we accomplished.

That is what resisting God is, what moving waymarks looks like in real life, and this is from people who like most of you non donors like to think of yourself as superior to others and without sin.

You impede God in the work He is accomplishing through His instruments. You find ways to not be generous and God makes a record of all of this.

For those who think they are getting away with their sins, I have a footnote in this, in TL's grandmother, who raised holy hell about TL's dad marrying beneath him..........yes the very woman judged to be trash and she is the one treating me like unGodly trash, ended up in the hospital dying of ovarian cancer, to the full green puke nine yards.
Her last days were lamenting that "she did not do anything for TL's family" and said she was sorry. Her sorry was not stock options though, as she did not put anything into trust and when she croaked, the son who abandoned her, sorted through everything of value and ran off with it.
Yes TL's mother was taking the old gal to cancer appointments by car, even to the Mayo Clinic, but the mother could not see her way to do good to us, nor to not be her hated mother in law. (And yes it is what it appears in mother was doing the driving in the hopes she would get the golden spoon as that is what that generosity was them leaving TL as a child to sit with that sick old dying woman puking up green, which no child should be exposed to.)

So when it is some ass exposed in print, you can shake your head and feel superior, but the reality is unless you are selfless like David, the Viking or others who are friends of this blog, you really have volumes written in God's books of Judgment in what you really are in no different than the mother in laws from hell.

I hestitate in mentioning people, because then others get upset, but I do pay attention to each of you. I wanted though to mention David as he wrote and donated, and it filled TL and my heart with such joy, as we did wonder about him.
It was not about the donation, but about the situation which David had faced, which all of us face in people had been cruel, and then he had heart problems and almost died, and then after his life saving surgery, God told him to donate to some other worthy cause, and I celebrated that, because that is what this is about in children having a relationship with their Father in Heaven.
I will not go into details about David as his life is private like each of your lives are, but God is healing him, and I am so thankful, because he is such a good person like many of you are. Each of us cringes at life and takes a step through today to tomorrow in hope. I am so grateful to God that He is able to communicate with so many people in this blog in ways past my flaws. To be able to be there for someone in caring  for them is the fulfillment of Christian Life, not because we are ordered to, but because we desire to. David took the time and I am thankful for his note, because he has things going on, but he was concerned about me too.

I know each of us will be carried through life. I know that things will be harder in the Great Tribulation, but that does not mean that by Faith we can not be like the widow and the oil and flower renewed each day by God's miracle. We have a chance now in President Trump. We have before us the vote that we chose God's solution and not another false messiah.
We have before us the future too in Christ's return, when all of this hurt and suffering will not be remembered and we will be surrounded by a family and pets who  are all God's.

I really would that you scared people with no self esteem, who hold onto money as your validation and injury yourselves more each day in reflecting the dead currency you will become, would try just a little kindness each day. Smile at someone, say thank you to everyone who serves you, be polite, be patient.....just make that effort which costs you not a penny to be kind and see once you practice that, how it makes your days go better.

Sure you run into people like yourself who think they deserve doors opened for them, people who sneer at you, but sometimes you get a good response in showing people they are not in a world where everyone is a hate filled Hillary Clinton voter.

You are never going to have enough money or stocks to fill the void in you. That only fills with Christ and then converting from Scrooge to George Bailey. If each of you think of what touched your life most, you will find in it something which someone did in remembering you as the expensive gifts all fell by the wayside.

Put your landmarks in Christ and then behave in a caring manner, not to get something out of it, but to just be able to sleep at night knowing you are actually growing as a good person, and not descending into the dark fiction you are into hell.

Nuff Said

PS: I do not mean to make Harry  Reid as an example, but as  he was featured today on Drudge, he is an example of moving landmarks in he stole elections, stole our health in Obamacare, and is the most powerful man in Nevada, the leader of Democrats in the Senate,  and he has nothing. He is just a pathetic sick old man, like Hillary Clinton.
Change your ways today so you do not become them.