Friday, December 23, 2016

The 20 Least Influential People

Three Lesbians and.........just 3 lezbos


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

OK, so a sinking mag like GQ has to mention Donald Trump in order for anyone to look at their posts, but in their list of the least influential people of 2016, they simply missed the mark, as they included Hillary Clinton, when the reality is, Mrs. Clinton is in the top 5 influential people, as only she could have moved liberals to flee her, and Christians to come out in droves to defeat her.

So that kind of asstardio thought is what is wrong with GQ, along with putting worthless people who never had any influence except over their bowel movements.......sometimes.

If one examines the real list, image Obama of long gone Birther Hussein Obama is thee least influential creature on the planet. No one from Russia to China to Europe cares what it says.
For that matter, the image appeared pleading for voters to hold up the Obama legacy in Clinton..........voters rejected that and Obama.
Thee entire world is transfixed on President Trump and no one gives a damn what 1600 Penn Obama is nattering about.

Number 2, Bill Clinton.........even he could not offset the stampede from his wife.

Number 3, Lurch Obama.........her garden is gone, her fat kid bullying is gone, no one cares what she was bitching to Oprah about, and she is as gone with the wind as the nigger sold down river for getting off the plantation without permission.

Number 4, Angela Merkel......even her Muslim rape cock  terrorists do not care what she does or says in Germany.

Number 5, John Kerry.....Kerry hit is high point in once serving in Vietnam and since Obama, it has been the black hole of Calcutta since, as Syria turned to ashes as Obama fiddled.

Number 6, Bill Cosby........nobody is going to buy Pudding Pops from that old rapist again.

Number 7, Nick Sarkozy and anything liberal in France.

Number 8, the British government.

Number 9, Prince Charles. It gets bad chuck when Chuck is championing Muslim rape cock inside English pussy and no one cares in the raped or the rapists.

Number 10, Teddy Kennedy. I know Teddy is in  the grave, but not even he could save democrats, in they never even thought to drag around the dead Kennedy's to save Hillary Clinton's election theft. I mean didn't Hillary Clinton once give Teddy a bad blow job to get on that Watergate prosecution of Nixon? Why not make that your campaign slogan........."Vote for me as I have the taste of Ted Cum in my mouth for a Camelot with the salt and peter already added".
It certainly beats what smears she tried against Donald Trump.

So that is a real list of people who are fell from influence and never will arise again in anyone paying attention to them ever. Ok I will put the real #6 here in the US Molotov Media, in everyone hates them for the liars they are now, and that is never going to change.......including GQ which was best when it used to publish photos of semi attractive women or at least pedal photos of Melania Trump so pervs could look on what they will never touch.

As for the most influential people in the world...........

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are the top of that list, and just face it, no one else matters as no one gives a damn what anyone else is saying or doing, as they are the leaders East and West.

I will repeat this again in President Trump needs to cement power quickly and then make examples of all of these trolls thinking they can piss on the President. That work requires some very focused types and not these moderates he has been hiring. Mad Dogs, need Rabid Dogs that eat the flesh off your enemies and crack their bones for marrow. That is what President Trump needs in a nice Benaiah to settle the accounts.

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