Saturday, December 24, 2016

From Lame Cherry Holiday Kitchens

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It was snowing the day that we made this, and as God was not showing the sun outside, I put the sun inside for TL.

See in making pot pies, cookies and whatever else, even if the food is good, making it Martha Stewart just makes you happier on a grand adventure with life.

That is the thing about food. Good food, always makes the worst situations better, as it brightens the spirit inside. It is why I refuse to torture myself with poison as why on earth punish yourself in life. It is like the bro in law, who buys satan awful cheap food for the holidays, and it tastes like crap......and he has to eat it. Why not on one day have nice things, and on High Days, have a few more moments to add something artistic.

Here am I not an artist, but even I can make a sun and some happy ducks for a turkey pot pie which took a two minutes to do.

Anyway this is my favorite day of the year, in I love Christmas Eve, as it is not Christmas. It is like looking at pretty baked things and loving them before you eat them.