Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Butt Hurt of Abedin,c_limit/huma-abedin-clinton-campaign-afterwards.jpg

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Time to test your ability as an intelligence officer as an information analyst.

Read this and provide a projected analysis.

Maybe I’m just pissed off, but I really don’t give a shit about what happens to Huma to be honest with you,” one close adviser to Hillary Clinton told me recently. He was irked, in particular, at Abedin’s seemingly superfluous breach of decorum during a post-election event. On the day after Hillary Clinton’s stunning loss to Donald Trump, this person said, Abedin appeared within the rope line while Clinton greeted her morose and woebegone supporters. “You’re staff, O.K.?” this adviser continued. “Staff is staff. You’re not a principal.” (A spokesperson for the Clinton campaign notes that Abedin was seated alongside the rest of the campaign’s senior leadership team that morning. Abedin declined an interview request.)

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Subject in the Wienergate emails literally ended the Clinton election theft operation in the final week of the campaign. Hamrod blames Comey, when it is Abedin, in never questioned, what Abedin was doing with every email from all respondents, and somehow her ex husband created a copy.

Outcome is Abedin is photographed crying and disheveled in her apartment in the final days of the campaign, and yet reappeared post defeat, along with the Clinton aides who did not destroy the election theft.

Action concludes that Abedin has developed a leverage with Hillary Clinton, which is more important to Hillary Clinton than public humiliation, loss of the Presidency and the fury of her loyal staff.

Question: Is Huma Abedin a daughter figure in Clinton's emotional structure? Is Huma Abedin a greater asset in a greater threat assessment?
Conclusion, whatever the Clinton Abedin connection, it is greater than Hillary Clinton endangering her life for this campaign and greater than the humiliation of being deprived of her entire life goal.

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The close Clinton adviser elaborated that Abedin and the other tight-knit circle of people may have suffocated Clinton, preventing the campaign from taking in outside counsel. “The real anger is toward Hillary’s inner circle,” the Clinton insider told me. “They reinforced all the bad habits.” For instance, the suggestion had been made that Clinton should show her gregarious side, by, for instance, appearing more often on The View. (She appeared once, but Bernie Sanders, her rival for the nomination, appeared a handful of times.)According to this person, however, the inner circle nixed that idea. It seemed, this person elaborated, that even minor suggestions about changing the narrative fell on deaf ears. “Right away,” this person continued, “it was either regarded as an intrusion or a na├»ve suggestion or maybe someone has an agenda. And so people just stopped bothering. Where in most presidential campaigns the circle grows broader and broader, hers grew smaller and smaller.”

Subject was part of inner circle who understood the reality that Hillary Clinton could not lose the 2016 election in the primary, as key vote operators had been paid off, with the addition of illegal voters, dead voters, and amplified e vote enhancement at 15%.

Conclusion there was not any need to attempt to transform Hillary Clinton to be likeable, nor to expose her to situations she detested, as the election was fixed.

Abedin was part of the tight inner circle, who understood the criminality of the election theft.

Question, is Huma Abedin a daughter figure or an asset protected by greater threats who donated to the Clinton Foundation?

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But perhaps Abedin’s biggest challenge is that she may soon have a new boss for virtually the first time in her life. The Clinton insider reiterated that Huma, who has spent 21 years at Clinton’s side, might need to prepare for the reality, moving forward, that her “juice” was “tied to Clinton’s ascendancy.” Nevertheless, this person continued, “she’s someone that will be sought after either personally or through business from many rich, very rich connected people.” He concluded: “She’ll do very well for herself.”

Conclusion, Huma Abedin is the subject of an FBI probe, yet she has been afforded carte blanche, as has Hillary Clinton.

Being Hillary Clinton's heartfelt daughter, would not afford Huma Abedin this type of protection. Considering the toxicity of Mrs. Wiener obliterating the Clinton election theft, she should not be a popular commodity for other connected people.

Conclusion, Huma Abedin is an intelligence asset, whose handlers if outside America hold sway over American security and intelligent, as in terror opium or terror oil, or Huma Abedin as in the case of other Clinton insiders are intelligence assets minding Mrs. Clinton.

Conclusion American politics has been penetrated by intelligence operatives.  Conclusion American intelligence is under the direction of foreign intelligence, as Hillary Clinton would have ended association with Huma Abedin immediately, but in protecting Abedin, Mrs. Clinton has exposed the reality confirming the above.

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