Sunday, December 18, 2016

You have your 1 in 99 Chance

 This is 70 pounds of meat a day, or one deer per day killed to feed these predators.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

During World War II, General Patton was summoned to Washington to conduct Operation Torch, which was the beginning of liberation of North Africa. His response it could not be done as it was a stupid plan.

General Marshall cut orders and sent him back to California.

Three days later Patton sent a telegram to Marshall, "That Operation Torch is a stupid plan, but I will make it work".

New orders were cut and Patton went on to liberate Africa successfully in Operation Torch.

I do not enjoy having to explain myself, but I am going to explain things to all of you when it comes to President Trump's cabinet and agency choices. When you see me raising hell, WHEN NO ONE ELSE WAS, it was for the purpose of making certain that President Trump got Americans into position who I would not have to be fighting with later and causing the President to lose political momentum.

Since I engaged in this a few weeks ago, now everyone like those simps at Conservative Treehouse think they can do litmus tests in people not measuring up to their Pharisee standards......and all they are doing now is weakening President Trump and working for the enemies of America in bitching about some OMB director which does not amount to piss in the wind.

The reality is, after I made issue of various appointments and insiders things have changed. Mike Pence has VANISHED.
There has been instead a constant appointment of Conservative Christians as was the demand. In fact some troll wrote a story assuring people now that 90% of Mr. Trumps appointments define themselves as strong Christians or Conservatives.

So when I make an issue of the Trump family rewarding rich sportsmen as an outreach, it is always as I posted to suggest additions which must be implemented that they are not aware of. The Lame Cherry BUILDS and never simply says, "NO NO NO".

This is the issue with Ryan Zinke  which people are nitpicking on as he is not right for he job. I counter with he is not Harold Hamm of Big Frac who would not know a mule deer from a white tail. I counter that he is not Sally Jewell who Obama appointed, who is nothing but a oil driller, banker and hiker, whose first mandate was to take oil drilling revenues  and EXPAND and build parks. The Bundy's and LaVoy Finicum know that under another name of driving Americans off their land by force and confiscating their property.

Ryan Zinke at least knows the difference between a fly fishing rod and a spin cast. He knows the difference between shotgun and a rifle. He is not perfect, but then I am not being appointed to a Trump position to do the job perfect. He is though like the rest of these people the best we are going to get.

Put it this way, you want a Mercedes, but all you are going to get is a used La Sabre with 200,000 miles on it, but think about Ryan Zinke as he is not at least the wreck the Beverly Hillbillies would be at Interior with Jeb and Hillary on the back bench running all of us over.

The situation has to be sorted out. I do not agree with Zinke on some positions, but they are better than what the Obama we had before. We have to get the Teddy Roosevelt WISE USE policy back into practice, as James Watt intended for Ronald Reagan and was crucified for it.
We have to get logging going in America again, including lumber mills. Seriously China is stealing our trees and milling our wood, while Weyerhauser in this shortage is selling us lumber for the price of gold. Cutting trees opens forests up so they do not burn in wildfires, and the opening grow food for wildlife, which then bring in hunting revenues and trapping revenues which are falling, because no one but these damned hikers are polluting our dead wild lands.

I plan on bitching about a ZERO ACQUISITION MANDATE by the federal government, in they can not seize one more acre of land in America. Preserves, reserves and public lands cease being acquired or expanded. No more Obama seizing oceans, Carter seizing Alaska or Clinton seizing Utah coal fields for Indonesian bribes.

We have to have on thing in Interior at this point, and that is someone who will weigh wildlife for hunting, fishing and trapping, so that mining, logging, drilling and grazing are creating resources for America to prosper by in good paying jobs. Wildlife benefits greatly not from protection, but from killing predators in mass and providing a 15% habitat in food, water and shelter.

Use of our federal lands have come a long way. Open pit mines literally are terraformed to become better habitats and vistas than before as North Dakota has proven in coal development.

The Lame Cherry was the only media making issues of the broken Department of the Interior, as everyone else was writing about Obama's Birther issue only. I educate though and even people I scold do listen as I am not in this to humiliate people or to ruin them.

Donald Trump jr. and Eric Trump are good Americans, who have an appreciation for hunting and the American lands. If they were not there, Harold Hamm would now be at Interior or some Sally Jewel type political donor. They are rich men, who while working with their father's employees, do not comprehend what hunting and fishing is in America, the way most people still struggle with it. They are open to a great many realities, and for America to nominate a wolf killer to Interior, proves how far this has shifted.
I will repeat that John Thune of South Dakota had no idea about these damned timber wolves or prairie wolves as big as bears. He never signed the petition which Zinke did to bring about wolf control. Instead Thune was whining about Red Wolves in Arizona out of Mexico, which should be shot too, as those killers are killing other animals every day.

So the Trump's are part of the posh outdoors, the Tom Gresham who giggles and hunts with millionaires on canned hunts, has guns sent to him from manufacturers, and gets his phone calls answered. There has always been this affluent set which has f*cked up hunting and the American outdoors. That is not the Trump family's problem as they have the money to pay a 10,000 dollars to go hunting, while the rest of America is groaning over 25 dollar a box shells, 800 dollar guns, 50 dollar licenses, 100 dollars a tank for gas, and the shitty production areas where there are no longer any animals left to hunt due to deliberate mismanagement to disarm Americans.

I thank God what He has moved the Trump family to reassess the situation over, because 3 weeks ago Mike Pence with Jared Kurschner had seized power in a coup, and we had Mitt Romney creating a Jeb Bush cabinet.

What each of you have to remember is, this is now YOUR GOVERNMENT. These people do not have the right to bash you to hell and back for not agreeing with them, and you do not have that right either. What you do have is instead of drawing lines in the mud and slinging it at people, is to come up with solutions as God Inspires me to do often enough, because good ideas repeated, and promoted, make political movements, and the next thing you know is, the person you were so dead set against is finding ways to implement your sound policies, instead of their flat world view.

We have inherited major problems in America, problems so toxic that we may not survive as a nation or a people. I do not state this lightly, but we are hemorrhaging money debt and bleeding out in our natural resources. Our oceans are a cesspool as is our air, and it is not coming from America, but from that sewer known as China with the Obama communists.

We have to get jobs back. We have to deport illegals and end the green card in sending those squatters back to their 3rd world. We have to offset this massive debt, by ending entitlements to these invaders. We have to get energy production across the board up and running from coal, oil and gas, to ethanol, to moving ahead with the clean nuclear energy of Bill Gates thorium over what LaVoy Finicum was murdered, to bring down inflation and make America secure, so we do not get a global war started against us, and end us.

Interior is a part of this, and Mr. Zinke has the priorities right, and can not initiate his personal ideas without President Trump or Congress becoming involved. There are priorities in this and Zinke is the best we are going to get. So if people have problems with this mule ripping open the flour sack and eating our pancakes while we sleep, then hang the sack in a tree, as we are 50 miles from the nearest road and their ain't no mule trade in out here. We got to make Mr. Zinke perform just like the one horse we road out in Donald Trump to this point to have a chance to survive the Great Tribulation.

I have things to do as it was 20 below here and hell ain't going to freeze over without a little help in me opening the door.