Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Carrier Inside Story

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Today President Donald Trump admitted something in Indiana at the Carrier factory, that the reason he stepped in and saved the plant, was because one of the workers there was on the national news stating, "Carrier is not going anywhere, because Donald Trump said it was not".


WSJ: Get Ready for Jobs Rally...

Mr. Trump stated that he meant it for all plants, but in that, there is a revelation of something I really wanted to address in depth, but will make a note of it here for President Trump. There is a disconnect with you Mr. President as you are asphalt New York and you say things. You do not understand that when people in the West, Midwest and South say they are going to do something, they by God do it.
This is what sunk lying George HW Bush in read my lips. It is a matter of what Adolf Hitler is purported to have said about lies, in the bigger lies you tell as a leader, the little people believe it, because they tell little lies, but never big lies.

I do hope this is a lesson for President Trump, because Mike Pence and Reince Priebus have absolutely no attachment to Americans in "Western Speak", that you can blow all the WWE you want, but by God and Jesus Who created the Rockies, the Americans say what they mean and mean what they say when it comes to God, Family, Jobs and Country.

The source for the following is Billy Cunningham, the Great American and Donald Trump, the President himself.

Carrier is part of United Technologies. They are going to spend at least 16 million in Indiana, and it will probably go to over 30 million in infrastructure updates at the plant.
Those are jobs, real jobs besides the 1100 jobs which were created, in electricians, masons, construction etc... Those people will then buy things to update their homes, new vehicles and other things, which filters that Carrier stimulus all through Indiana, plus those 1100 Americans who are not going to be on Obama welfare and being told at 55 years told to start a new career of 50,000 in debt to be some social worker, not hired by the regime.

As the twats at the View were bitching about this, the numbers in this are simple in 1100 unemployed, at 1000 dollars a month is over 1 million dollars a month coming out of the regime, in your taxes, joining 95 million other Americans not working.
Basically in 1 year Carrier in investing 16 million minimum has saved the Obama debt that much in welfare which builds nothing in America.

Indiana gave some tax breaks, but they get that all back and then some, because Carrier is about to expand their jobs base at the plant, meaning more in taxes and people buying things.

Carrier already had a plant built in Mexico, which is of course a problem for them in money invested, but that cost can be recouped in renting the building or selling it.

None of this cost the American taxpayer one cent. It will gain America in 2017 an estimated (Lame Cherry stats) 100 million dollars, and that does not factor in the increased sales for Carrier to American consumers who will remember what Carrier did for America.

President Trump has a problem in Mike Pence is failing him, no matter the praise Mr. Trump heaps on Mike Pence. The fact is Donald Trump does not have around him people who can tell him the things Bill Cunningham can in small town America, but Mr. Cunningham's vista is Midwest, and that is a world different from the American West and the American South. Mr. Trump has a dialect unhook with America, and he needs advisers who can decipher what he is saying in this east coast speech college boy writers, and inform the President what the blessed Virgin the people are hearing out there.........and that includes around the world Mr.  President.

Your policies Mr. President can not be changed by Ryan and Pence in law outcome. You can not wait around 3 years fixing Obamacare. Make it choice, put the poor on Medicaide and then dick with it over the years. Tax season is coming up, and the quicker you stop the IRS from extorting money in penalties from Americans, the quicker they are going to be singing your praises in having done something.

Mr. President people want you as President today. This bought you good will this week, but there are 49 to go, and if you keep dangling Romneycrats around and kicking Christians to the curb, all your Carrier calls will not mean shit.

SIR, and get this point, I advise that you conduct an Energy Summit. That means you get your Energy Sec. nominated, and bring them to Trump Tower or your Golf Course White House in Jersey, and formulate a plan for electrical power plants to be built that Obama promised. I remind you sir to announce a national energy policy, of buying coal in 2017 for the power to be generated when these plants come on line in order to get those jobs in coal states, and you get Texas frac moving to tap those shale wells in a boom, along with gas production, as OPEC has taken aim at you for your defeat. You get American independent in energy, and you get these corporations moving and planning, with all of these states so that a Congressional alliance is hammered out by you, to drive all of this through in getting construction going before you take office.....and you build on this energy coalition of Democrats and Republicans to drive  through your Trumpshare Medical, your Supreme and lower Court Judges, and tax reform.

President  Trump, the people expect you as President, and you must be busy and giving them results, and the best is to fix energy. Congressman Kevin Cramer has been giving you good information on all of this, and if you need more advice, get the PUC Commissioners out of North Dakota, as they understand this grid and exactly what needs to be done.
Somewhere in this Mr. President you have to create Energy Zones, meaning you have to have energy producing states dictating policy on electric to oil, as they understand what America needs. North Dakota has it figured out, while Minnesota is liberal green shutting down plants and expecting North Dakota to fill their lines with electricity.

Off subject, but you really need a Ramrod for this Mr. President, and I can promise you that Reince Priebus might smarm Congressional politicians, you have no one who is stud duck enough to speak to business in various fields and get the industry moving for their good and the good of America.

You got to show the people you are busy about the business of making America great again. You are now President since around June 2016 and if you did not know it, you do now. Energy Summit in coordinating an energy surge for America.

People have short memories Mr. President. Jesus does not sit on his laurels, and what Carrier was today, they expect for them tomorrow.

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