Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Cherrystone Files: Sonnetor

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Scientology break off becomes....

The Process Church

Process, the uniting of Jehovah to Lucifer by Christ uniting with satan, inside of humanity

Process link Charlie Manson

Process link Charlie Manson II. The Manson Family became the seeds across America for what would become Son of Sam.

Son of Sam, David Berkowitz's group, had the Carr family linked in business to the Lucis Trust of England, and the United Nations, implementing "global policy". 

The Lucis Trust's publishing company was founded in the early 1920s as the Lucifer Publishing Company. The Lucis Trust says that the name was probably chosen to honor Lucifer.The name was changed in 1925 to the Lucis Publishing Company. In Latin lucem ferre means "to bear light" and lucis means of light. The company has headquarters in New York City, London, and Geneva.

Lucis and Process both link to England intellectuals transplanted to the American east coast.

MK Ultra was manifested at root by Scottsman Donald Ewen Cameron working in Canada and William Sargant working in London, this is the CIA MI6 connection, which loops back into Process.

Aliester Crowley, British, founded what would become L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology.

It is the operation, the control with the front group. The front group employs the techniques to manifest the energies which feed the control.

The lords and the priests.


"Concrete evidence that electronic mind control was the true object of
study at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) was exposed by the Washington
Post in 1977. When the Navy awarded a contract to the Institute, "the
scientific assistant to the Secretary of the Navy, Dr.  Sam Koslov,
received a routine briefing on various research projects, including SRI's.
As the briefer flashed his chart onto the screen and began to speak,
Koslov stormily interrupted, 'What the hell is that about?' Among the
glowing words on the projected chart, the section describing SRI's work
was labeled, 'ELF and Mind Control.'

" 'ELF' stands for 'extremely long frequency' electromagnetic waves, from
the very slow brain frequencies up to about 100 cycles per second.

"EM mind control machines were championed at SRI by Dr. Karl Pribram,
director of the Neuropsychology Research Laboratory: "I certainly could
educate a child by putting an electrode in the lateral hypothalamus and
then selecting the situations at which I stimulate it.  In this was I can
grossly change his behavior."

Hillary Clinton's area of brain dysfunction.

"The SRI/SAIC psi experiments were supervised at Langley by John McMahon,
second in command under William Casey, succeeding Bobby Ray Inman, the
SAIC director.

"Many of the SRI "empaths" were mustered from L. Ron Hubbard's Church of
Scientology, Harold Puthoff, the Institute's senior researcher, is a
leading Scientologist. Two "remote viewers" from SRI have also held rank
in the Church: Ingo Swann, a Class VII Operating Thetan, a founder of the
Scientology Center in Los Angeles, and the late Pat Price. Puthoff and
Targ's lab assistant was a Scientologist married to a minister of the
church. When Swann joined SRI, he stated openly that fourteen "Clears"
participated in the experiments, "more than I would suspect." At the time
he denied CIA involvement, but now acknowledges, "it was rather common
knowledge all along who the sponsor was, although in documents the
identity of the Agency was concealed behind the sobriquet of 'an
east-coast scientist.' The Agency's interest was quite extensive. A number
of agents of the CIA came themselves ultimately to SRI to act as subjects
in "remote viewing" experiments, as did some members of Congress."

One will find part of the reason for pizzagate in the above.