Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Prayers of Aribus

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the Brother's Grim tale of Berlin Xmas 2016, of another semi used as post aborticide implement, this time on Germans, the readings in the matrix left me unsettled as it "was" and it "was not". This is one of the few times that posting what the inquiry pointed to has left me pondering to the ramifications.

Perhaps a story would be better with Alice in the Looking Glass. A mirror has the original image and a reflection of that image. For example when John McCain and Lindsey Graham are running a coup against President Donald Trump in America in order to start a war for their militants with rogue elements in the CIA, could it not be the case that somewhere in Russia, there could be like agents in the FSB and various connections who have taken things into their own hands in running an operation which President Putin knows nothing about in order to remove the frau Merkel?

The Fake Media of course would exploit such information, but probably not note that the east bank was what the matrix pointed to was behind the murder of the Russian ambassador.

The Polish truck driver was beaten in the face. He was stabbed. He was shot. Bruising means he was alive for some time in order for bruising to set in. It is not logical to make a 200 pound appendage, as lifting them into semis is heavy and noticeable.

There were others involved in this, other than the hijacker. Someone picked up the hijacker after the attack. As the Pakistani was apprehended by "eye witnesses", it concludes that the hijacker was  covering their identity to appear Pakistani.

Berlin is under massive surveillance. All of this in violent assaults, hijacking and murder, was not captured on camera, just as the hijacker and the escape vehicle was not recorded. That points to foreknowledge of the security apparatus.
The Berlin police and the politicians told the public to stand down in the danger was over, as it appears a Lee Harvey Oswald was offered up to them, so the real perpetrators could escape.

The fact is Angela Merkel is absolutely responsible for this. It does not matter the reason, for the attack took place due to frau Merkel's weakening of Germany, so outside interests deemed an attack would benefit their interests.

Joan of Arc said she was informed by her voices that King Louis prayed for France to not be ended, and God raised up the Maid. I wonder if Aribus or Martin Luther prays in Heaven for Germans to be delivered from rapicide.