Monday, December 19, 2016

The Disconnect

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

From across the globe, I conclude out of the millions of hits on this blog, that about 360 of you get what is going on, and the rest of you are Wormwood fodder. It is all based upon the disconnect in people thinking they are more intelligent than they are.

In the above ad, which appeared on my cookie feed which tracks me, I have this antagonizing me often. I believe most of you are intelligent to ascertain this is a woman, but beyond that it is going to have you masturbating your genitals or having already clicked off to masturbate your mind on some manipulation like Pizzagate, as thinking you are intelligent is easier than learning something.

In this, we will play 10 questions and if you get 15 points, it means you are actually someone who has invested in her Miss Manners etiquette of being a well rounded beer belly guy.......and or proper lady.

Ok I spot you 1 point for getting she is woman........9 more to go.

What is Mossberg?

I will not make you deduct points, as this is on the dishonor system of rich people not donating, the answer is an American gun manufacturer. I will assume you are at one point yet.

Question 3 is, is multiple she a game warden looking for criminals from that headset looking thing, a person who likes paintballing or is she out hunting?

Answer is, she is wearing too much mascara. That will be question 4 and I give you two points, and as people cheat the answer to question 3 is below this line, as people who steal from me will cheat on tests too.

She is hunting.

Now for question 5, what is she out hunting? Is she out hunting deer? Is she out hunting for a husband? Is she out hunting turkeys? Is she out hunting coyotes?

So you have 2 points already in knowing she is a woman, and has too much mascara on, so will you make it to three?

So she has camo on.........what does that tell you? Deer hunters have to wear orange so other pilgrims do not kill them, so she is not hunting deer. Good thing I did not ask that question or you would still be at 2 points.
That leaves you coyotes, turkeys and men.

It is final Jeopardy, make your choice and be sure not to phrase it in the form of a question.

The answer is she is out turkey hunting.

Question 6, is she shooting a rifle or a shotgun?

Shotgun.......I suspect you are at 2 points yet.

Question 7, does Mossberg have a trigger safety or a tang safety on their shotguns?

Yes you are at two points unless you guessed is a tang safety and it sucks.

Question 8, what is she doing with that thing in her hands? OK multiple choice, is this her mascara kit because Mossberg is coming out with Mossberg Masacara, is this a hunter smart phone for woods hunting, is this for making calls to turkeys, is this a listening device to hear turkeys?

Let us go to question 9, in how many points do you have? You got that right, you have 3 points. Good for you.

Answer is, this is a turkey call.

Question 9 is worth 2 points, in are turkey calls long distance or are there unlimited minutes on turkey calls, so no extra charges are involved, as reception is quite poor out in the woods to get any bars on your phone?

Yes it was a trick question, in what she has is non electronic, in her striker which she is holding like a pen, is stroked across a piece of slate, and this resonates out to sound like the gentle yelp of turkeys.

So you have 3 points, good for I am feeling liberal today, you all get 3 points for making it this far, as I am not handing out play dough or hot coco to whiners who did not get over backing loser Hamrod.

Now for the big question number 10, as this is how you get your 15 points, in question 10 is worth 5 points.

Why is Mossberg picturing a woman with a springtime mating call in the dead of winter as it is almost impossible to call turkeys in the autumn?

Because it appears they spent a great deal of money on a hot blonde, and it looks like they are selling sex in making men think she is hanging onto their dong with that big ole gun betwixt her legs.

Sort of think you are still at 3 points, but that is ok, as this is about the disconnect in people's lives from real world to fake world. Fakery works, because no one is an expert in anything, and everyone thinks they know everything.

That is enough of a lesson to expose the holes in your education and experience, because if you do not know something as basic as the above, how much are you clueless about in the big things.