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The Great American Desert


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The following is an attempt to bring insight into a relevant situation on which Zero Hedge touched on, and failed, and it has to do with the drought cycle activity in America.

The real evidence is available which negates the propaganda concerning global warming, climate change, along with it's connection to human activity as in the CO2 fiction of greenhouse gases.

On the Great Plains in America are the historical records of America, from old growth tree rings to sediments in rivers and lakes. What the geology reveals is that the Dirty 30's in America, were a non event, compared to some of the drought cycles which America experienced.

What is most fascinating in this in the findings is that in some drought cycles caused BY THE SUN in solar activity, in mini ice ages etc..., that a place like Minnesota actually became wetter while Europe or other parts of America became drier.

Heat is required to generate weather, and when the sun cools, it means less evaporation in the oceans and energy for weather fronts, so that means less rain in the American interior.

We start off this examination of the Great American Desert which is feeding the world and now has millions of people living on it in the scientific evidence of the historical record in how dry America can be.
They note, for example, that the 19th century was the  driest  of  the  past  millennium,  with major  drought  periods  occurring  from  about  1816  to 1844  and  1849  to  1880,  during  what  they  describe  as  the transition  out  of  the  Little  Ice  Age

Prior  to  that,  there  had  been  45  years  of  drought  in  the  latter  part  of  the  17th  century  that were  coincident  with  the  Maunder  Minimum  of  solar  activity,  which  is  associated  with the coldest  period  of  the  current  interglacial.  And  going  back  further  in  time,  there  was  an approximately  35 year  drought  in  the  mid to  late 15th  century  during  "a  period  of  decreased radiative forcing and northern hemisphere temperatures."
Eclipsing them all, however, Stambaugh et al. write that "the approximately 61 year drought in the  late  12th  century  (ca.  AD  1148 -1208)  appears  to  be  the  most  significant  drought  of  the entire reconstruction," noting that it "corresponds to the single greatest megadrought in North America  during  the  last  2000  years  (Cook et  al.,  2007),  as  well  as  "unmatched  persistent  low flows  in  western  U.S.  river  basins  (Meko et  al.,  2007)."

In the above, one notes that America has experienced periods of not 8 years in the Dirty 30's, but periods of 35 years, 45 years and one period of 61 years of drought. It was the period in the 1820's in America which explorers Stephen Long and Zebulon Pike both reported that everything from the Mississippi west and the Rockies east was a great desert and incapable of agriculture.

Army engineer Stephen Long led an expedition west of the Mississippi, and reported as would Zebulon Pike that the area was a desert.
Long and his party almost starved to death on the Great Plains.

 They examined the land, streams, animals, plants, and minerals along the way. At the Rockies they turned south, searching for the headwaters of the Red River without success. After nearly starving in the Plains, they returned to Fort Smith, Arkansas, late in the summer. The explorers brought back specimens of plants and animals, as well as new geographic information about the Central Plains. Their report and maps clearly labeled the region as desert. When taken with similar comments from Zebulon Pike, Long's descriptions persuaded many that the Plains was unfit for agriculture.

It should be noted that Zebulon Pike had an equally precarious time on the Plains, for the winter of 1806 was so devastating, as in Arctic, that it almost killed everyone.
Severe droughts and no game, along with severe Arctic cold, with nothing to eat, that is what met the first American explorers beyond the Missouri River.

The expedition, including twenty-one soldiers, an interpreter, and a civilian doctor, rode west out of St. Louis on July 15, 1806. They crossed Kansas to the Rocky Mountains and into Spanish territory. There, severe winter threatened their survival, forcing them to surrender to the Spanish.

This all seems strange now in the Amber Waves of Grain, the Bread Basket of the World, and rivers flowing and millions of people living there, but the fact is that since America started being settled by the God Chosen Peoples of the displaced Israelites, the horrid weather which plagued America ceased and it stabilized to a warmer and wetter period.
The problem is that from California to Kansas, there are cycles in this entire west of horrendous droughts.

The graph on the right shows a marked shift between high and low salinity conditions around A.D. 1200, suggesting a change in general drought characteristics about this time. Before A.D. 1200, this record indicates regular and persistent droughts, specifically pronounced during the years of A.D. 200-370, A.D. 700-850, and A.D. 1000-1200. In sharp contrast with the period prior to ca. A.D. 1200, the current mode of drought appears relatively wet and free of truly severe drought. 

If you examine the above, you can discern that about every 500 years there is an extreme period of drought in America, lasting 170 years, 150 years and 200 years.

This is not to state that the entire regions are void of life, because there are "wet spots" which scientists located, but it is a fact that there were intense enough droughts to displace peoples and remove  them from several state areas.

In America, a rough reality of time shows that there was the pre Canadian Indian period, in which mound builders prevailed. Around 1000 AD, the Vikings appeared in this wet period and settled and intermingled with the Indians. The blonde Mandan tribe being a remnant.
Another prolonged drought appeared and the Viking's were displaced, and around 1500, Indians from Canada began appearing in the Sioux through Minnesota, back into America again. Their epic rise to power and genocide against other Indians and Whites, was checked with western expansion by the Americans, but in this period of the 1800's one finds in literature horrific storms and disasters, which vanished with Christian settlement in the region, which continued until Christianity was being pushed out.

In the last part of the 20th century with messiah Obama appearing in the 21st century, the serve weather patterns began emerging again. America though has not experienced a prolonged drought.

The problems in this are not as much for the Great Plains, as they do not have the immense populations of the American west coast and southwest United States, which is dependent upon the Colorado River for water and snow pack, having great populations which can not survive without run off.

For the American interior, a severe drought period has proven with HAARP to be alleviated, and irrigation would help lessen the effects, but the fact is that if a drought cycle engulfs that region, it is a reality where there is enough water in aquifers to provide for the population and some crops could be raised as much as fodder, to subsist, but it would cause the ruin of  the agrarians there.

California though is a different situation as the water is not available, and those humans displaced looking for water would be a plague worse than the Black Death rats running wild over Europe.

This is about though the reality that America does have a history of immense dry periods. It is why the Founders originally held a 7 year supply of food for Americans to protect them, and that has been done away with in this conglomerate age.
America simply has a history not from what people ever did, but from natural climate realities, of a great desert. Sometimes it appears in the American southwest. Sometimes in the Midwest. Sometimes in the South. It just happens that in the America expansion, it was recorded as the Great American Desert. Nothing has changed, and this region could become what it does about every 500 years, and that is become a desert, and become a 60 degree Arctic tundra which is not ice age or green house gases, but simply the patterns of the earth and the reality which must be factored in.

Given the above findings, it is clear that there is nothing unusual, unnatural, or unprecedented about recent droughts in the Central United States. Droughts of greater duration and intensity have  occurred  numerous  times  in  the  past,  eclipsing  anything  that  has  been  observed  in  the modern record. Claims of increasing future drought as a result of global warming are therefore not supported by real world data,as modern global warming, if anything, has tended to lessen drought conditions throughout the central third of the United States.

The geology and science are correct and in this global warming propaganda, must be met with the facts in nothing man does in driving cars. The facts reveal the exact opposite that when the earth warms more, it becomes wetter and prolonged droughts do not appear as frequently.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, and you will never get the facts like this from any other source.