Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Health Security Act

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The removal of the disaster of Obamacare in price gouging Americans, is something easily dispensed with. Do not fall for the GOPliter insiders speaking of 3 year extractions, as what is being attempted is to rig the system for Republican insiders, in the same way the Obama regime bribed and rigged Obamacare to ration death for profit to the Obama folks.

It will not require thousands of pages as in Obamacare, in which Nancy Pelosi never read a word of it, no more than Chuck Schumer. All that it will require is the bill below known as the HEALTH SECURITY ACT.

It is self explanatory in it simply removes the mandate, forever forbids any single payer monopoly in the government running the system, and creates three choices for those who choose healthcare.

  1. The poor will be protected as will pre existing conditions in a Medicaide program called Trumpshare
  2. Those who choose health savings accounts will have that option.
  3. Those who choose insurance will have that option based on fair market competition

Dr. Ben Carson can look this over, President Trump can ascent to this bill, and Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell can introduce this bill, and President Donald Trump can sign it into law before the sundown galas on Inauguration Day.

It is not complicated to re establish American Rights to healthcare coverage or to protect the public in the parameters of this coverage. The Second Amendment is one sentence and all the Amendments are not 2000 pages.

If those who made promises to return our American Freedoms are serious, the below is the bill, and they do not have the excuse any longer in it not being written.

Freedom is a simple word to write and writing more than that, means someone is rigging the system to kill us or rob us.

Nuff Said

Be it known, that this Act repeals the Affordable Healthcare Act and replaces it with the Health Security Act, to enhance the Rights of Americans in medical coverage.

Article 1

The Health Security Act re establishes the Right of Americans to not be forced to purchase nor be penalized ever in having healtcare coverage or not having healthcare coverage.
The Health Security Act hereby mandates that no monopoly will ever be established in "single payer" or "single provider".

Article II

The Health Security Act, establishes that those with pre existing conditions can not be denied healthcare coverage.

Article III

The Health Security Act, establishes for the poor an extension of Medicaide, termed Trumpshare, in which a rate of not more than  5% of their income will be charged for individual coverage, and not more than 10% of their income will be charged for family coverage. 

Article IV

The Health Security Act, establishes the choice of Health Saving's Accounts for those who choose to implement their own medical saving's accounts. Said funds will not be taxed as income while in this account. If the funds are withdrawn early, the funds will be taxed according to tax rates. After age 70 said funds will be allowed to be withdrawn without taxation.
Said accounts are transferable upon death, to other family members, under the same rules as the above stipulations.
These savings accounts will be administered as Social Security and not open market accounts. These savings accounts are held in trust and it is forbidden in any entity from Government to private to borrow these personal funds.

Article V

The Health Security Act, establishes competitive insurance polices, crossing state lines for fair market competition in the best consumer rates. These insurance companies will be under the same laws  which administer their operations currently in consumer protection.
In addition, Healthcare Cooperatives will be established for those who choose to manage healthcare in an expanded pool, including Christian and secular cooperatives.

Article VI

The Health Security Act, establishes as with Medicare, supplemental insurance plans from private corporations in the Trumpshare policies, for extended coverage not included in Trumpshare, as is the case with current Medicare policies.

This is the Health Security Act, placed into law in this year of 2017 AD in the year of our Lord, with the signature of President Donald Trump, for immediate implementation.