Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Hillary Clinton Sympathy Seizure

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am astounded that Tucker Carlson is such a bad ass. I figured he would grow up to  be Fred Beetle Barnes on PBS and instead the Tuck is rounding up all the Jews and putting the goosestep on them.

There was that hot little Green Jew Girl, who got rubber bulleted in terror Standing Rock which the Tuck bitch slapped and now it is this other Jew from Newsweek named Kurt Eichenwald, who went nuts during the interview from a Carlson beat down.

This is his wife, you caused a seizure. I have your information and have called the police to report the assault.

The strange part of this is someone tweeted at Eichenwald about having a seizure, as apparently his brain got damaged in college, and a strobe light tweet put Eichenwald out........well not so out , as the was filing police reports and his wife was online beating up the Alt Right the way Hillary Clinton used to beat up Bimbos that Bill raped.

What I do not understand in this is how the police are filing reports, because there has to be evidence. I mean like rape, there has to be rape evidence, so where is the medical evidence of tests from a medical authority to prove the charge? Eichenwald and the wife, just can not tweet things and make them true any more than Obama can tweet about Russians and make hacking true.

It seems the prescribed meds for Eichenwald are helping and hurting him, like the ones advertised on television in .......This can be good for diabetes, but it will make your liver explode. Apparently Eichenwald's meds do not keep seizures from happening, but have him acting psychotic in public.

What I don't get is Eichenwald is kind of rogue handsome in his profile picture, but in Tuck cage matches he looks like a different kind of loon. Maybe it is the meds or maybe he looks different after seizures.

Kurt Eichenwald

Deplorables won't stop me. I'll be on in 45 minutes. See you then.

The thing is in this is, do people on the Alt Right get to file police reports on Kurt Eichenwald for their medical discomfort like groin injuries from laughing or is Kurt Eichenwald the only person who gets to laugh over memes like associating Donald and Eric Trump with psychopaths with an axe?

The above is from Eichenwalds page on Twitter pictures and can be construed as a threat against the children of Donald Trump, as Eichenwald has been stalking Mr. Trump for months now.