Saturday, December 17, 2016

Hamilton Electors the Darwin Candidates

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It needs to be said, but when you look at retards, you simply know something is off with them in their brains, as much as homosexuals or the zombie christian, in you can tell they are off in their heads as much as psycho killer is.

In the wilds, the gazelles know when the lion, leopard and wild dog are on a killing rampage and when they are not, as you can tell by the looks of the animal.

That is why when you see these Obama Clinton whiners, you just fricking know that you would not put your trust in them to fight to the last man, because they are just pathetic and weak. Seriously these are Darwin candidates.
In the good olde days, the wolf would have snatched them in the forest, as they were easier to eat than the calf which had sense to run for their lives. You know the above would have been kicked in the head by a mule and not reached breeding age. You know primates this stupid would have drown in a downpour looking up or froze solid going out to get wood, as they got lost the minute they stepped off the porch step.

Primates like this should not be allowed to vote. They should not be allowed to quote a severe Right Winger like Alexander Hamilton who would have penned an addition to the Federalist Papers on using creatures like this as chum for sperm whale ships, as their only purpose in this world.

This is the example of a suckling race bred by the American welfare state, nourished on soy milk and weaned on Sesame Street. This is not a nation of men and women, this is a mutant strain which only has purpose for Muslim or Jesuit rape cock in invasion, their guts to be lubrication for Chicom tanks, or their corpse feed for wolves, bears and maggot.

 A normal person can see there is something wrong with these primates. This is what the herd naturally has a revulsion of and avoids, so the genetics is not joined to the healthy to degrade the entire species.

Those are the rules in the plant and animal kingdoms, and violating those rules in the human kingdom, brings the same genocidal effect. It needs to be said in this politically correct world that this sedition group has psychological problems and it produces the retard appearance, because these creatures are retarded in all human virtue.

They could not win an election by stealing it in vote fraud. Now they are trying to steal an election by whining, as in  their conditioning they get repeated chances until  all are losers.

Not this time as the normal American with President Donald Trump will protect what they rightfully won.