Friday, December 23, 2016

The NSA Spies on me, so I will be a Great Employee

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For reasons only known to God, I love statistics. No I do not mean uninteresting statistics, but statistics where I can track patterns which mean something to me.

For most of you, you have been busy ordering things online, and get those little notices of tracking numbers, but never invest the time in the fun of them, in knowing what is taking place with the rats in the maze.

For example, I adore  our mail carrier. He is the best plus 10. You can count on him to deliver packages and he is always willing to go the extra mile. He does not go postal nor steal things like most of the zombie hired by Uncle Sam.

So I track things like this in knowing the quirks and traits of people.

This goes back to my postal carrier in I was just comparing his work, and this man works like clockwork. See in my remote location, my mail changes hands several times before it reaches my carrier, but in every case this guy you can set your clock by him......well at least the fact day after day, from the time that he receives the mail, and is out on delivery it is 10 minutes. It never changes, ever. That is amazing to me, in he never deviates from that exact interlude of time.
I doubt he is even aware he is that precise.

The mail drop off arrives within 3 minutes each day, and it requires 1.5 to 1.6 hours to reach him, one time it was  an hour and 13 minutes.

The mail carrier is interesting in this holiday route in I can not fix him as his average was 4 hours 33 minutes, 3 hours 39 minutes, and 4 hours 41 minutes.  I believe the fast day was might have been a storm day, but he gained an entire hour on the route.

I enjoy when possible tracking packages in like routes across America to ascertain how close the routes are completed. The worst of it is how long packages lay in transit. I had a CD which was literally in Ohio 3 days. That was a magical mystery tour as it hopped to Indiana and then appeared immediately in a new direction and on my doorstep.

That is what fascinates me fully is how packages should not appears sometimes in being dropped off at trans shipping points and should require two days to reach me..........and are here the next day.

It all tallies to the reality that some postal employees are very efficient and others are the drag on the system.

There is always an endless array of rats in the maze exercises to glean information on people, just like the NSA and Amazon keeps harvesting information on you. It is all on the system and all you need are few tallies and you can learn so very much as to why things are so dysfunctional at times.

Well, enough of this stalking. I would like to compliment my mail carrier about his 10 minute clock mark, but some how it freaks out on the other hand being clocked by NSA only impresses me in how efficient I am.

That is an idea........I can apply for jobs and just put down, CHECK WITH THE NSA, as they spy on me and know what a great employee I will be.

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