Friday, December 16, 2016

The University of Minnesota Rape

Drew Wolitarsky

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I am going to touch on this as it is not receiving the attention it should, due to the fact that in this "Pet the Obama", now being rejected by America, we have witnessed American veterans petting terrorists on Standing Rock...........yes the last crime there was rape.

The woman, who has been working as a member of the Gophers' game-day operations staff, testified in court that she'd been drinking before ending up at Djam's apartment and having a sexual encounter with him, during which she "felt very overpowered and fearful." She said "multiple sexual assaults" involving other players occurred after that, while she was "frozen with fear."
Under questioning from Lee Hutton, an attorney for several of the players, the woman acknowledged that she had told police investigators after the alleged incident that her encounter with Djam was consensual. "I did say that," the woman testified. "I do not believe it was true."

Now though we have the reality that a young woman at the University of Minnesota reported a sexual assault which involved 10 Negroid members of the University of Minnesota football team in September. At which point the Minnesota police investigated and no charges were brought.

Report: 5 Of 10 Suspended Minnesota Players Facing Expulsion

Five of the 10 suspended Minnesota football players are facing expulsion for an alleged sexual assault.

The campus investigators then took up the case and have now suspended 10 of the  rapists, as that is what they are, once a group in authority suspends players for sexual assault.

In this, we are not hearing one word of protest from the rapists in filing actions against the University for suspending them as the sports troll media focuses on the Holiday Bowl game these white players are now ruining their careers over in standing in solidarity with Negroid rapists, one of whom is the son of a former Minnesota Viking's player, who has threatened the University if the coaches are not fired, for not protecting his rapist son, that his son is done playing with the U of M.

What requires focus in this is the fact that Minnesota police did not press charges. That would mean the District Attorney's office, who if you remember was dealing with the shooting of a black man by a Hispanic officer in that period of time, and Governor Mark Dayton politicized it, to the point that it got Officers in Texas murdered by BLM.

So the Minnesota police swept this under the rug, as it is projected out, there was no "real evidence" for what appears to be a gang rape. Meaning the prosecutors probably thought they could not win the case. The difference is with campus authorities is that they can get by on circumstantial evidence and can punish on this evidence, which they have.

What is disgusting in this is a young woman has been gang assaulted, and all the media and the state care about is a bowl game. These Minnesota white players are disgusting in being led by this Nig on leash Drew Wolitarsky in Minnesota will not play in a bowl game in protest, when the State of Minnesota and the People of America in  grants have paid these pampered rapist jocks to enjoy themselves.

Realistically, I demand the estimated 50,000 dollars which each of these players has cost in travel, food, lodging and uniforms for this season, to be repaid to the people of America. They can stand with Negroid Rapists all they choose to, but not on millions of dollars spent by Americans on this sport's program.

I also demand the NCAA ban all of these players for life from college sports, for standing with rapists and being the most vile misogynists, because what all of this is about is one reality, in these pampered jocks are upset that their rapist team mates had their crimes visited by school authorities when the Dayton controlled police state in Minnesota let black rape cock off.

"We, the united Gopher football team, issue the statement to take back the reputation and integrity of our program and our brothers that have faced unjust Title IX investigation without due process," senior wide receiver Drew Wolitarsky said while reading a prepared statement. "We are concerned that our brothers have been named publicly with reckless disregard in violation of their constitutional rights. We are now compelled to speak for our team and take back our program."

This is what disgusting race baiter Mark Dayton has generated in disgusting white pampered brats, rambling on about "Constitutional Rights" when those rights do not apply to investigations and disciplines by campus authorities.

It is time to end the Pet Negroid era of this Obama racism, and it is time for a sweeping federal investigation of Mark Dayton's Minnesota in all of the crimes against humanity occuring there, beginning with girls gang assaulted at the University of Minnesota.

and worse yet, the entire Minnesota Rape Team has taken to Twitter bullying this woman in hashtagging her as "they have had enough". What about a young woman gang raped in not being protected, but instead doused with booze and then overpowered by a huge man, and then left by him to be gang raped by 9 other giants.

Minnesota players also took to Twitter to express solidarity, using the hashtag, #WeHadEnough.

This is terrorist bullying by this rape team and ALL of them must be indicted and face 20 years to life for these crimes which they are perpetuating!!!!!!!