Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thoughts on a Mad Dog


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With another leak to the press in General Mad Dog Mattis being appointed as Secretary of Defense, my thoughts on this are broken down to reality.

The Pentagon needs a reformer, and Sec. Donald Rumsfeld was destroyed by an end around when he attempted to reform this military insider industrial complex.

The US military is now a group of political minder and faggots. It pushes dope on troops to get them to perform and to kill them when they are done with them. There would not be a VA problem if the military had not be mindfucking Soldiers for 2 decades now.

President Trump apparently had one objective in killing ISIS and letting Russia do it. As ISIS is an Obama McCain Graham terror oil group, that should not be hard. Mad Dog should be able to drone Graham and McCain though on Capitol Hill to end those two chiefs reign of terror.

There is the problem that the US military has degraded to shooting LaVoy Finicum and assassinating bad terrorists who would not deal dope for Obama, while protecting good terrorists who rape little children and sell oil as poppy fields are protected.

Mattis does not believe in torture as it does not accomplish anything in his view. It would be wonderful if an expert could have a go at the new Secretary as in a few days they could have him praising allah.

In any event, Mad Dog is better than traitor Mitt Romney or cunt licker Patreaus. He does not need to negotiate to not start a war, and only has to prepare to win them. That means booting these faggots out and the political minders. I doubt that will be undertaken, and what will be undertaken is building overt systems that are expensive to hide even more expensive covert systems to win wars.

As stated, this old man is about as good as we can expect with Mike Pence geared to handing out Treasury payments to reward the Big Koch conglomerates who were cut off in the Obama pie for the Birther's cronies.

Still have not witnessed on Christian appointed to a high post, only these moderates that pass the Pence test.

Talking shit might make you an officer, but it don't make you a leader.

- Lame Cherry

 Tell us what military Special Agent Gregory Bretzing had deployed in Oregon to murder LaVoy Finicum, Mr. Secretary and I might believe you are more than what shows up on Navy boats.

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