Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Elite Daily

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is this story who the British UK Daily Mail paid like 26 million dollars for an e site, which is losing money, and has on staff nothing but literal fucking morons.

As you can see in the above photo, the one half breed really likes a high paid job doing nothing, in he flips the bosses off on camera.

I was most interested by this millennial group though in how tribal they are just like in school. You have in the middle for fascinating reasons all the good looking chicas with long hair, who have the "sex is my promise" look if you hire them, so they can torment all the other fucking retards which surround them.

It is obvious that 95% of the morons in this photo do not work and have no respect for work as they can not even appear at work, dressed like they are all shitards.

This group is the one of about 6 white people, who seem to be the ones who do all the work. The rest are surfing porn, or taking porn picks and posting them on the Chive.

So my advice to Daily Mail for a big donation is to fire the whole fucking bunch, except for those 6.....well keep the good looking white girls around to get coffee and tea, and for morale if they show more leg and cleavage, but the rest send out to the Obama streets and from that hire a few people who actually can do thought processes without the word "Ummm" in know non millennials. Preferable fat old white guys as they always write the best the reason all media sucks shit now, is all of the Sol Sanders and Jack Germandes are too few and far between.

Any way, this is worthless, except I was stunned that like Snapple a big company purchased them and did not know it was all Limbaugh zombie sales. You can not buy an online site which Facebook is generating as it is all fraud.

Zuckerberg belongs in jail over all of this, as 26 million is allot to blow on these fucktard millennials.

Either you got it from God or you do not.

I would still sell the Lame Cherry for 26 million and 27 cents, because you always have to go for the higher sale price as that is what matters in buzz.

Nuff Said