Saturday, December 24, 2016

Trump just feels Christmas

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It was not until witnessing the Trump families that the realization has manifested that America has not had a truly Christian American President since the Reagan's retired from the White House. It seems we have been chewing on the same old box of chocolates out of the freezer for years........and satan only knows what crack whore candies the Obama's have force feeding us at Obamass.

I hate to think if that little Mike Pence Trump Trans, Donna Ditto, might type up that I am reprehensible for saying all of this, but I am far too joyous in the above photo of Christmas in the American Family.

What is more beautiful than Donald Trump jr, his lovely wife, and both producing a house overflowing with loved children.

Then there is Uncle Baron doting on his niece, and of course the beaming President Donald Trump and the gorgeous First Lady Melania Trump.

The taste of Trump has just shown what stale old chocolates we have been force fed and told it was ambrosia. It is good to have America back again. It is good to feel like Christmas again. It is good that Trump just feels like Christmas.

We have been denied the tidings of comfort and joy for so long, that we have forgotten what normal is.

Praise God and thank God, that Trump just feels like Christmas.