Friday, December 2, 2016

What is Mike Pence's Price to be the 46th President of these Trump States of America

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive  in matter anti matter.

I have concerns about President Donald Trump incessant praise of Mike Pence as a good guy and a good choice, considering that these suppressed media realities are glaring:

  1. Mike Pence in crimes literally almost cost Donald Trump the election in a Federal  Appeals Court named him specifically as being involved in illegalities in embezzling money.
  2. Mike Pence has betrayed Mr. Trump repeatedly in attacking Mr. Trump as immoral or rebuffing Mr. Trump's defense of him as "what Pence likes in being booed at Hamilton fag musicals".
  3. Mike Pence has been getting rid of Trump loyalists for his own loyalists, in preparation of Mike Pence as President with his Big Koch agenda.

This is why it is not advisable for Donald Trump to keep being captured on digitals stating what a good guy Mike Pence is, because in scandals, those words are used by Democrats to make you a criminal enabler and to drive you out of office.

I would like to be able to link Mike Pence to a man the liberals like to insist is one of the worst Vice President's in history in Spiro Agnew, but the problem with Vice President Agnew, is that he really was a good Conservative from Maryland, and quite a brilliant communicator.

The problem with Spiro Agnew is he was popular with Conservatives and Republicans while Richard Nixon was not. The problem with Mr. Agnew was that Richard Nixon wanted him off the ticket, but kept him on, but the conspirators who went after Richard Nixon, had to first replace Agnew with Gerald Ford a cartel man, so when Nixon was impeached, another insider would be President.
That is where Spiro Agnew got into trouble, because all of these leaks started appearing, showing his "crimes", crimes which every politician from Hubert Humphrey to Richard Nixon to Barack Obama are engaged in, in money coming in to prosper them that should not be coming in, and that is how Spiro Agnew was destroyed, the Conservative icon. Nixon wanted him gone, the cartel ran a CIA operation to make him gone, and Richard Nixon got what he wanted when White House Chief of Staff Al Haig told Agnew, "Go quietly, or else".
Spiro Agnew later wrote that he knew it meant they were going to assassinate him.

The last public smear of Vice President Agnew took place with Mr. Agnew exposing the Jewish control of American press and politics, with the reality that the Jews did not treat Christians in the Israeli state with any rights.
The mistreatment of Christians in the Israeli state has not changed in 40 years. Jewish Christians can not immigrate, they have to hide their Christian status, and they are less than Muslims in the Jewish state. Christians had better treatment and protection under Assad in Syria and Hussein in Iraq, before Bush fam and Obama fam blew everything up, and the genocide of Christians began in the Mideast, with the continued persecution of Christians in the Israeli state.

he briefly reentered the public spotlight and engendered controversy with what Gerald Ford publicly criticized as "unsavory remarks about Jews" and anti-Zionist statements that called for the United States to withdraw its support for the state of Israel, citing Israel's allegedly bad treatment of Christians.

Israel could have solved all of it's population and territorial problems if they simply allowed Christians to immigrate and settle. Instead America has billions of dollars in welfare to a state that treats Christians badly, and yet only the Muslims get noticed due to the Oil Soaked Terror Press. 

So I have a great deal of respect for Vice President Agnew who was a victim as was Dan Quayle for smears, because the powers that be, wanted a Conservative gone.

That is why linking or mentioning the real crimes of Mike Pence in the same realm of Spiro Agnew, is not something I readily do, but the issue is too important in the reality of history repeating itself, and the issue of what happens with Big Koch or the liberals decide that Mike Pence is expendable on gay issues, on aborticide and on the real issue of Pence accepting federal money and then not completing the contract of settling terrorists in Indiana?
That means impeachment as another attack upon President Donald Trump. It is the exact way that Richard Nixon was set up and softened up for his impeachment coup.

There is now in addition the hidden "action paper" which Pence has not made public and is causing a legal firestorm in more politicians are hiding their emails so the public can not ascertain what these corrupt politicians are doing against the will of the people.
Whatever is in that paper that Pence is hiding, is a reality that those who have it, can use it to leverage and blackmail Mike Pence to do things. Is this the basis of Trump Trans going leftist, in Mike Pence is being blackmailed to give bad information to Donald Trump, and is  this why the GOPliters installed Mike Pence, because they knew he could be blackmailed over issues like this.

It all comes down to the NPR report by Nina Totenberg on October 6th which exposed all of this, but was suppressed by the entire Never Trump and Molotov Media. The question is why, why, why???
The question is why did Tim McCain not bring this up in the debate as it would have been devastated to Mike Pence for the public to hear that Republican Conservative Justices condemned him, and called him a crook, as Pence was involved in illegalities.
Has the fix been in this long, in Mike Pence is the cartel ringer to subvert Donald Trump, and this story was suppressed so Pence would have to "pay up later" at every Big Koch and Hillary Clinton juncture?

See we do not know any of this, because Mike Pence has hidden the evidence, and all we know is Mike Pence was called a crook and has been doing nothing but submarining Donald Trump for months.

So it looks like a Pence, acts like a Pence, it's a Pence.

What intrigue are we looking at? The promised David Brooks posting from the Times in Donald Trump will be impeached in the first year or removed with a toe tag? Mike Pence is certainly setting himself up for the Presidency with "his team" entirely in place. A team that looks to be installed by Mike Pence being a traitor to the Right or Mike Pence is being blackmailed in this action against the Presidency.

Spiro Agnew was loyal even unto death in President Richard Nixon. He was loyal before election and loyal as Vice President. I simply can not find one instance that Mike Pence has been loyal to Donald Trump, because every time something was generated in the smear press, there was Mike Pence undercutting President Trump, the same way Mike Pence is undercutting Donald Trump's agenda and Cabinet picks.

The reason all of these people are gone from Chris Christie to Sarah Palin, is Mike Pence and Jared Kurshner, and now cemented in place are Reince Priebus to all these leakers undermining Donald Trump as President.
Seriously, Katrina Pierson was the go to gal at the start of all of this, and now she has vanished, instead of having a prominent position as a reward, and instead we have these non stop Trump bashers or the silent clutter who did not help the Trump campaign in the least.

I was under the impression that Donald Trump rewarded loyalty, but his loyalty seems to be to Kurschner and Pence, and neither of these two are promoting the America which Spiro Agnew stood for and was destroyed for.

Mike Pence looks like the same Al Gore politician who votes for or against aborticide by who is paying the check. Pence was against sodomy because Big Koch was funding the issue for their divisiveness to America and Mike Pence had his hand out for money when it came to terrorists, but then changed his mind about that too when a bigger prize came on the scales.

The Presidency is a very big prize as is the removal of Donald Trump from that office by an insider. What is Mike Pence's price to become the 46th President of these United States.