Friday, December 2, 2016

Piz Zag Ate

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you recognize the code words?

Piz Zag Ate

Code words really are what the eye sees and does not see hidden in plain sight.

Piz Zag Ate is not a snack


See anything yet?

PIZZAGATE look more familiar?

When pizzagate first surfaced in the campaign, I checked it and found the posts about Podesta emails a far reach.

Last night was fun

As someone asked me about this, I will provide my assessment of what it looks like.

Are there intelligence operations which piggyback off of real intelligence agencies to create things for the cartel? Absolutely.
Do they involve cults, live exercises and pervert traps to gain leverage? Absolutely.

Are there sub operational groups who conduct operations? Absolutely.

Are there factions which have agendas and practice very public implication of individuals or groups and infuse networks of MOG's to direct information to the masses for direction and misdirection? Absolutely.

Let us review some information:

Beginning with Clinton bims associate David Brock, the very homosexual hatchet fag who entertains a great deal of Soros funding to brainwash people, who links to the main contact in Pizzagate, because Brock is a sexual partner of the man, as filed in court documents and covered by FOX.

He countersued to get his $850,000 back, plus $500,000 for each of three counts of alleged blackmail, and another $2 million in compensatory damages based in part on what Brock’s lawyers called abuse of the judicial system and legal fees.
Grey, who relocated to Massachusetts, declined to comment when contacted by Brock and Alefantis remain in Washington, where Brock has released a new book attacking Fox News. He is also under scrutiny from several members of Congress amid reports Media Matters for America is in possible violation of IRS laws governing nonprofits.
James Alefantis manages Comet Ping Pong, which is the Pizza link in this, which eludes to all of the double entendre which appeared online from "experts" stating all of these words have double meaning and of course Podesta was sexting about being a pedo to his other pedos in code.

There are numbers of pictures and links on the Millenium Report, which did a very thorough job in posting a number of links in this, along with numbers of disturbing sex photos which are never appearing here and linking photos in Birther Hussein playing ping pong with a white boy.

There is also from Breitbart's account, and of course dead men tell no tales, it adds luster to the intrigue of the story, as now Andrew Breitbart was murdered for this.....a month later after it was post, and of course not what he was really speaking about which would bring down the Obama regime, three days before Breitbart's demise.

In another tweet Breitbart alleged that Media Matters For America, a liberal think tank closely linked to John Podesta, was covering up underage sex slave operations.
Breitbart had attempted to call out Media Matters for covering up “underage sex slave operations” that connected back to Planned Parenthood. Media Matters is a company founded by David Brock, who is the ex boyfriend of James Alefantis – the same Alefantis who owns Comet Ping Pong, the D.C. establishment at the epicenter of the pizzagate investigation.

The above appears damning, and yet it could be speaking of using underage black children as abortion producers, who might be having their fetal parts sold to keep Hillary Clinton youthful.

There has been though information from the satanic cultists that Planned Parenthood is a front for sex rituals and human sacrifice.

I am not going into the details of Franklin in Nebraska as this was covered here, and has now become a by word again across the fringe media, nor am I going into a discussion of these linked operations of regime funded fronts as that is all there, and has nothing to do with the assessment of what pizzagate is.

All of this looks like someone is running an operation for leverage and distraction to obtain something they want. Wants can be payback, wants can be favors, wants can be power, wants can be money, wants can be all of the above and more.

As you are looking at the principles in this, you can see the names which always link in John Podesta and David Brock. These two have upset some group and this group is retaliating. Could it be cover for Pedo Island in the Clintons payback?

Does the story matter, or the payback and reasoning? Not really, because we have before us real operations by the cartel to make raping children legal. See it is like Obama good terrorists and bad terrorists, in the public is being conditioned now about these bad pedos abusing innocent pizza ping pong eaters and the "good" pedos who do the same things as the bad pedos, but bad pedos are competition to the powerful pedos and of course they must be eliminated  and you of course will be given the black and white decision of good and evil, just like Obama sodomy is good and God sodomy is bad.

So  the assessment is, someone is pointing out interesting things with Brock and Podesta to get the attention of the circle around Podesta and Brock who are involved in interesting situations.

As former CIA Director Bill Colby said before he was neutralized, we all know this bad stuff is going on, but we are not in positions to stop it. It therefore is the realm of tit for tat about this for that, and those who are paid to post this information to communicate a message.

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