Thursday, December 15, 2016

When Derangement Becomes a Political Disease

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As most people have witnessed the revelations of the Lame Cherry come true, according to the matrix again that with the defeat of Hillary Clinton, that there would be state court challenges and this would not be settled until the Electoral College cast their ballots as the electorate mandated in their State by State votes, it is a deeply sad situation, that we have Americans now in the left so utterly beyond unbalanced and deranged that they do not belong in society any longer.

This is not JFK and RFK attempting to place Conservative enemies into mental institutions, but a reality that when a person is advocating for the overthrow of a legitimate election, because they lost, this is something which is criminal in the form of sedition, and a reality that these people are suffering from such psychopathy that their delusions are a danger to starting a nuclear war with Russia.

This is beyond Nancy Pelosi, inflicting upon that distraught Cindy Sheehan, in using her to attack George W. Bush, so Democrats could seize power. This is a  complete terror left as epitomized by Soros riots, and Soros funded Standing Rock terrorism, and the Obama regime absolutely lying about Russian hacks in the 2016 election for Wikileaks,  when there  was absolutely no Russian involvement.

This is a video now of wealthy Hollywood celebrities clinging to fictions of disrupting the results of the election, egged on by Michael Moore and George Soros to produce upheaval, and that upheaval  is the  reality that America is a nation of 100 million gun owners who are not going to allow this election to be stolen from Donald Trump. What the left is acting out is madness as they are not going to overturn the Electoral College and Donald Trump will be President. There is absolutely no doubt about this, but what these leftist actors are espousing is a delusion of little green men from Mars, and if they just wish upon that star, they can be Disney's Tinkerbelle too.

The video, released on YouTube by Unite for America, not only features Sheen and Schiff, but also Debra Messing, James Cromwell, BD Wong, Noah Wyle, Freda Payne, Bob Odenkirk, J. Smith Cameron, Michael Urie, Moby, Mike Farrell, Loretta Swit, Christine Lahti, Steven Pasquale, Dominic Fumusa and Emily Tyra.

It is time that these deranged people be saved from themselves and America be saved from them, as we live in a dangerous world of Clinton types attempting to start a war with Russia to steal her resources and wipe away 20 trillion dollars in Obama debt.

The ringleaders in this, in George Soros and now John Podesta, must be indicted for these crimes in taking advantage of these dupes, who have had extracted from them a fortune as these fellow travelers are being conditioned to a fairytale which does not exist.

President Trump has expressed that perhaps rights of Citizenship should be revoked, and this is fully something which must be considered, as the right to the lunatic to vote in elections is not a right.

This is sedition.

Angry Celebs Call For Coup...
Two war rooms, plus 'weaponization' against Trump...

All of this saddens me, as from my youth, I have watched Martin Sheen's work, and I have enjoyed his wonderful talent. He is one of the few actors which America produced who could actually act.
While I never watched on episode  of West Wing, as I did not exist in fairy world dreams, it is disturbing that Mr. Sheen is featured in this propaganda as a fictional president calling for Americans to adhere to Hamilton statements.........a Hamilton who detested Thomas  Jefferson and every thing that Martin Sheen and Hillary Clinton represent.

Just because fags in New York portray Hamilton in theater and rant at Mike Pence, does not change the fact that Alexander Hamilton was a right wing Federalists, who advocated standing armies, armed Citizens, the rule of law by enforcing that law, and crushing civil disobedience.

Elections have consequences, and as Hillary Clinton would have all of our heads in a noose as Julian Assange so rightly put it, it is time that these leftists who are in open sedition and treason against the elected Government of these United States, be summoned to Peoples Courts across America, and have their Citizenship revoked and properly deported from American soil, divested of their properties  and the moneys distributed to the poor.
There will  be safe zones for Obama terrorists created, so place these like minded deranged mobs, be placed in the same reservation system, where they will have full freedom to find some nation who will accept them.

What is at stake in this is American survivability. This is not a game where  we have the chance to do things over as once a nuclear war starts in Russia or China, millions of Americans will perish. No one has the right to foment that type of genocide on any nation. To do so is deranged, and it is time to depopulate America of these lunatics as they have crossed the line to being enemies of America.

This is my favorite Martin Sheen performance. I would that he does not suffer from liberal madness.

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