Monday, December 26, 2016

Who needs the Press

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The First Amendment includes a number of freedoms stated which are already in the Constitution, in Speech, Religion and Press, but nowhere in that document is a word about a daily clergy meeting with the White House in White House Religious Spokesman, so why does the press think they deserve a room in the White House to lie about every Republican and lie for every Democrat.

The press in America is a Molotov Media which lies about the Republicans and lies for the Democrats.

- Lame Cherry

 The fact of the matter is the greatest of Presidents in Washington, Jackson and Lincoln had no White House press corp.  The daily briefings began with President Andrew Johnson, and it did not stop his being crucified to impeachment, but assisted in it.

White House Press Secretary - Wikipedia

The White House Press Secretary is a senior White House ... Andrew Johnson was the first president to grant a ... He gave daily briefings to the press in ...

The Lame Cherry is personally in favor of the ending of the press in the White House. It is time to break the power of this corrupt syndicate while it is vulnerable, to forever shatter it's treacherous power to destroy the righteous American and promote the Politiwhore.

Can anything be more telling than Birther Obama, a foreigner by choice, in being Indonesian, and taking illegal foreign student loan money and then taunting to the delight of the press, not only Donald Trump, but having Lt. Col. Terry Lakin thrown into prison.

The press is not the 4th institution of America, but the 5th column of foreign intrigue.

- Lame Cherry

What the Trump Administration must do is simple. Remove every presstitute from the White House, and let them do reports beyond the barriers. Produce all news through the White House, in having Jared Kurschner manage by Steve Bannon the  Patriot Information Network. Make it Drudge and Breitbart centered, online and over the airwaves. As the CIA controls funding to local media outlets, those outlets will be flipped from the Big 4 to the Trump Network, and all White House information will be produced to America only through them in monopoly.
Strictly jail any government official who leaks to anyone else, and the entire public will center on this media.

It would be a good thing then for the White House briefing room, to be converted to a White House prayer room, where all could come and bow before Christ and pray, for God's Will to be accomplished by the protection of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

That is the remedy for this, so that every person in America knows only the Truth comes from the PIN, and all other information is hearsay, and second hand worthless information.

Who do you think advertising dollars will flow to?

Any information arising from any other source means the owner, publisher, editor and reporter are imprisoned. If they do not have access to the White House, then let them do as I do, and inquire of God.

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