Thursday, December 29, 2016

Who really murdered Anne Frank

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The entire world knows the story of Anne Frank, a young Jewess of 15 years old, who died because the Nazi's murdered her in a concentration camp.

Let us  revisit the above with a few truthful changes in, the entire world knows the propaganda about Anne Franke, a young Jewess of 15 years old, who died because the allies bombed the supply lines so the people in the work camp perished from starvation and disease.

 The proof is Wikipedia.

Bergen-Belsen concentration camp - Wikipedia

... but many of them died in Belsen of disease, starvation, ... partially due to allied bombing. ... Bergen-Belsen concentration camp was then burned to the ...
The thing is we know why the Clintons, Obamas and others always choose children to bring out sympathy in order to produce a  mass mind conditioning, that all will defend as a truth with great emotion, because Anne Franke would not lie to her diary........but what about those who are lying about her death, as the Germans never murdered her.  The Americans and British did.

You do know that the allies knew about these forced labor camps as an asset to the Reich, and they also did not bomb certain Nazi connected companies  to the Rothschilds in London  and the Rockefellers in New York right?

So someone ordered the bombing of railroad supply lines, to basically unnecessary forced labor camps for destroying the Reich, and did so cutting off food and power, knowing that it would starve all of the inmates.

Never mind about that, but mind the new findings in which it turns out that historians now believe Anne Franke was not betrayed, nor were any Jews for being Jews.

What has been unearthed at this distant point in the present from the propaganda past, is that the location that Anne Franke was at in the Netherlands was a hub dealing with counterfeiting ration cards and employing illegals for work, so that the Jew would not be deported.

The new research points to two men who worked in the building on Amsterdam’s Prinsengracht canal and dealt in illegal ration cards. They were arrested earlier in 1944 and subsequently released, Dutch records show. The arrests also are mentioned in Anne’s diary.
Such arrests were reported to an investigation division based in The Hague and the report says that, “During their day-to-day activities, investigators from this department often came across Jews in hiding by chance.”
Another possibility raised by the report is that the raid was part of an investigation into people being allowed to work to prevent them being called up as forced labour and sent to Germany.

The report centers on two men who were apprehended earlier for corruption, and it was much later that the building was raided.

If one projects this out, Amsterdam was the same criminal hub it is today. Those behind this, were not hiding Jews out of "goodness", but it is concluded it was for profit. There was an entire black market being run out of this location, and none of these Jews were ignorant of the operation they were involved in.

People can engage in whatever type of activity to survive, but the Anne Frank story takes on new meaning when no one in authority even knew Jews were on this location. This was a law enforcement raid over counterfeiting and illegal labor by organized crime.

The raid netted what the Reich defined as enemies of the state, not for being Jews, but for a group of radicals who had been engaged in revolution and murder of their sovereigns for almost 100 years. It was this same organized group which slaughtered the Russian Royals and removed the German Royals.

To the people of that era communists were the al Qaeda of the day.

It all though returns to the reality that certain German assets were bombed, and others were not, due to the financial interests backing them for after the war, and the someone who ordered bombing supply lines to ALL these forced labor camps to create piles of dead, conveniently utilized those piles of dead to create a Rothschild controlled Jewish state on their terms, and not Adolf Hitler's terms, as Hitler attempted to deport Jews before the war began, but the British refused to the Jewish homeland.

The real history keeps leaking out.