Sunday, December 18, 2016

Wolfe Pac

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

LC, appreciate your post on Zinke.  But you don’t know him like we do.  He won’t listen to anyone.  You watch, I predict he does nothing for us.  I have spent the last four years trying to reach that guy, all of us have here, to absolutely no avail.  Having interior now will go to his head and he will be even worse.

Nitpicking?  I don’t think so.

Do you think anyone returns any of my contacts to them? The answer is no.

I affect change by the Grace of God, because I have been humiliated, threatened and kicked to the curb by these people. None of them from the military, to oil, to whatever responds to anyone in the public. My Congressional delegation treats me like the plague. I am aware of how this system operates for the elite.

So it is nitpicking. Where is your list of candidates for Interior now or before the nomination was made. No one was making a sound two weeks after the election on any of this, and when I did, the unholy wrath came down on me, as "How could I dare to not give carte blanche to what Mike Pence was doing with Jared Kurschner". Now everyone has a dislike, but no one has a solution or alternative. Ryan Zinke is the best we are going to get for what requires being accomplished at this four year period. I will repeat that we may not survive the next four years as America is in the grave and been there. All we have is God and a bluff that any one of a half dozen scenarios are not going to obliterate this nation.

Ryan Zinke is a piece on this board, a piece which I have not bothered to focus on as nitwits are going to be a problem of the pieces all being Naval Intelligence officers as a hedge against what is taking place in CIA. There is a coup going on in the regime of military intelligence against civilian intelligence, and it is to keep President Trump safe.

How do you think a trained SEAL ended up in Montana, was installed there and has been put into place for a station in government. He had priorities and it was not to listen to the locals.

Now everyone has a hint of 1% of what is taking place. This information is something the public does not need to know as the trolls will exploit it against America. It is placed here to open people's eyes so they will settle down and understand priorities, and how MOG's are using this blog's cover to erode Mr. Trump, for the theme show on Monday, which is about not denying Mr. Trump the nomination, but to herd the public and to get a group of  trolls to form a gang to be featured in the Molotov Media.

President Trump is cemented tomorrow, but the board is moving past January 20th.

People see one dimension. By God's Grace I witness all the dimensions and how to work to benefit them, or we would not be having the unnecessary discussion of Donald Trump's cabinet choices.