Monday, January 23, 2017

A Historical Inauguration Eyewitness Experience

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is grateful for the following correspondence from Bob, who attended the Trump Inauguration. This account is so very important, because it is an American experience which is not being reported. It is as historical as the Gettysburg Address, because it shines the light on some very disturbing facts in the Obama regime DELIBERATELY with GOP coordination, limited Americans from access to the Inauguration in disenfranchising ticket requests. It reveals that the Military and Police were not given direction and apparently their commanders were deliberately not assisting their people on the ground.

In this letter, you will read that an emergency vehicle, "somehow as blocking one of the main exists", which is impossible, as it was left, and someone ordered this to drench Trump supporters in the rain.

The Trump Inauguration was HUGE in crowds, which were suppressed from the "white lawn covering areas". You will read a policeman informed Bob this was the biggest group he had ever experienced. So do not believe what the MSM is telling you on Obama crowds. The fact is that just like the elections in vote suppression, President Trump's Patriots overflowed to DC and filled up the Capitol.

I hate historians who get in the way of the autobiography of history, so I shut up. I am grateful for this as this is part of Inaugurationgate in Ticketgate. There was a deliberate narcissist image Obama suppression against Americans attending the Trump Inauguration. That is a fact, and this is another crime of those involved which must be prosecuted.

It thrills me to read this first hand account as this is what history actually is.


I have a little story. well, a long one

I heard how the left was massing to attack Trumps inauguration. I felt it absolutely vital that patriotic Americans should be there to show their support. I had to go.

About a week before the event, I contacted the official gov site to get tickets. the generic message said they would get back to me. I never heard a word. not content to wait on .gov, I also contacted my congressman. I am in a blue state with a dem representative. they emailed back that the several hundred tickets they had, had been claimed six months prior, but I could be put on a waiting list, and I could contact them THE MORNING OF the inauguration and that maybe some one would cancel.

Its pretty obvious that anyone asking for tickets 6 months ago was mostly a dem. I was not about to wait around for some butt hurt hillary supporting dem to graciously turn in their ticket so a Trump supporter could go, not to mention waiting around till their office opened that morning to try and go get a ticket and then travel to washington and get there by 12. it would be impossible.

I had to take a day off from work, but it was important enough to do it. I left early and it was still dark out when I arrived at the subway station. the platform was crowded with Trump supporters. this was at 6am. I had to wait for a second train. arrived at the Mall it was still dark. massive crowds every where. no signs, guides, or explanations on what was happening. anyone not with a large group was on their own. some of those groups were enormous. 5 people wide and hundreds of feet long? and many of them.

the mall was broken into giant fenced rectangles, hundreds of yards long each. the front several sections were for those with tickets. the further away ones were open to people without tickets. the number of gates were tiny. there was a huge amount of walking required just to find a gate and no signs pointing them out. anyone requiring assistance, cane, walker, forget it. I had to help lift a wheel chair person over a curb. ended up walking all the way to the washington monument to find a gate to get in. the gov website had said gates open at 6, but they didnt open until almost 7. from a mile away the capital building looked like a postage stamp. and they had erected a giant two story tent to block the view of the Mall from the monument. i suppose it was for security but the place was crawling with guards. every single building had a sniper team on top and several soldiers and police guarding the Wash monument. Who ever took the empty Mall pict would have to have had clearance to get up there. I asked a park ranger how to get closer. she was very nice and tried to help me, but she didnt know where the gates were either, other than "that way". a lot more walking. found another gate in a closer section. got in without any waiting though. it was 8am-ish. more walking. i know a keep saying that, but it just felt like forever in the drizzle, intermittent rain, cold and not knowing where you're going. i know it wasnt north dakota blizzard cold, but being cold and wet is unpleasant anywhere. finally I got as far as you could go without a ticket, 4th street.

The white you see in the pictures was a giant mat. white plastic, 1in or more thick, 2ft X 2ft interlocking squares covering the main part of the Mall. the Mall was broken into sections. the outer perimeter had a giant double row fence. 10ft long sections, 8ft high, framed with full sch 40 steel pipe. the mesh was steel expanded metal sheets. each section was attached to a 1/2in thick 2ft X 3ft steel plate. each section must have weighed a couple hundred pounds. this outer corral was further broken up every several hundred yards by parallel walkways. you can see the breaks in the crowds where these were and were made out of those 3ft high bike rack looking things. the whole place was almost like a maze to get through. i know, crowd control architecture, but still, a rough place for anyone not in walking shape.

In front of me past the line of soldiers and fences was the back of the ticketed area. not much of a view, but i had made it and was in front of the crowd instead of looking at the back of peoples heads. by 10ish it looked like my block was filled between 4th and 7th streets. we could see there was still room in the ticketed area in front of us for many thousand of people. as it got closer to the start, several people from my area went to try the ticketed area. since there was still room, maybe they would let them in. they came back later
, no luck. only ticket holders could get in. only a tiny number of protestors were in with us. they were a weirdo collection and were more of a comic relief then any kind of trouble. i kept an eye on what looked like a hipster anarchist in a black jumpsuit, carrying a motorcycle helmet and an old fashioned looking 1960's style camera. throughout the whole event, he didnt look at the ceremony or the tv's. he just kept walking around and looking and taking pictures of the people, but ultimately, he did nothing. my main contribution was to help keep the little gaggle of protestors from getting a front row seat in TV camera view. BTW I keep using the word seat generically. it was standing only, unless you wanted to sit on the wet ground, or had tickets to the very front, front section. Now and again the crowd would start a loud "USA" or "Trump" chant. I assume they were overwhelming some protest attempt. overall it only happened a couple of times, and strangely, not during the actual ceremony.

I would like to tell you it was a great and moving experience. in a way it was, but the general public area were still over a 1/4mile away and the only way to see or hear anything was on the big jumbotrons that were set up every so many hundred yards. because they hadnt timed the acoustics of all of the different speakers it was a big echo effect. it was however an amazing speech, i will say that. they didnt show it, but i could picture the establishment types on stage squirming in their seats being called out by Trump. the media make a big deal about Trumps "divisive" speech. what they dont mention is that schumer had made some pretty unpleasant comments in his introduction before Trump

I wanted to stay for the whole thing, parade and all, but i couldnt. the parking meter at the subway station was only good till 2. I wouldnt have minded a ticket, but it would be disastrous to be towed so far from home. so i had to leave early before the ceremony was completely over. Many of the people in my section were leaving early to start finding a place at the parade. As we left, the national Anthem began to play. I was dismayed that not more people stopped to observe it.

leaving was chaos. there was mayhem at the exits. only two exits for the tens of thousands of people in my section. no one knew where to go. police and soldiers were giving contradictory directions. an ambulance(not on a call) had gotten pinned against the fence and blocked the main way out. the soldiers just stood and watched as thousands and thousands of people backed up trying to get out. finally i urged one of them grab the damn fence and move it. one guy tried while the others stood watching, but it was too heavy. i jumped forward and helped him move it and got the ambulance moving again. i only mention this, not out of wanting a pat on the head for being helpful, but to set up what happened next. as i continued walking, an older policeman (late 50's) walked up beside me and started talking. at first i couldnt understand him, and i asked him to repeat himself, he told me that this was the best attended event that he had ever seen. i cant imagine why he would have picked me to say that to. i assume he had seen me helping with the fence and felt compelled to say something.

at the subway station, the main line heading toward the parade had a warning message saying that there were unauthorized people blocking the tracks and the trains were closed. it was pandemonium at that gate as people tried to find out what to do. fyi the parade area was 8 blocks or so away. inconvenient to young people, an unassailable obstacle to anyone old, infirm, or with little children.
leaving was easy for me i was on a rail line going the opposite direction of where most people were headed. the train back was not crowded. a mix of locals and some trump supporters. Just after arriving back at the parking lot, a down pour started.

I asked the Federal Government and my Congressman for tickets, I received none. The Feds never even emailed back. The unticketed area where I was, was full. A policeman told me the event was huge. The only empty space I saw was in the back of the ticketed area.
Most of the government employees and soldiers were friendly enough and wanted to be helpful, but didnt seem to know what was going on.

The media said Trumps inauguration was empty and mayhem in the streets.Other than a few silly sign holders and the closed down train, I saw absolutely no trouble. No protests. no smashed windows. nothing on fire. didnt even hear any of it. As for the lack of Trump turn out. the place was huge and I could only see my section, but the poor people section i was in was packed. the only empty area i saw was the back of the ticketed area that wasnt open to the hoi polloi. my guess is that cock sure hillary supporters had grabbed up many of the tickets for her historic coronation long before the election, and had no interest in giving them over to any of those filthy deplorables. i'm sure a few #nevertrump-ers did the same.