Monday, January 23, 2017

Where in hell is the image of Obama???

And they're off: Michelle Obama was seen boarding this private jet belonging to Richard Branson. Her husband also left but there was no conformation if he was board this plane or a different one

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It has been maintained as proven fact that Barack Obama has had images of him standing in for years, and now something truly bizarre has taken place. You will recall that the Obama's were in Gay Springs, but Lurch Muchelle was nowhere to be seen as the image made appearances under massive security on the golf course.

Now in the Pedophile Island chain, Lurch appeared without photos to be departing Monday for Richard Branson's retreat on the not so British Virgin Islands, where Branson sent his private jet. The UK press though and other reports state that image Obama has left the building, but he did not board the airliner. In other words, image Obama is AWOL, in it has ditched the press and the wife, and no one knows where the face of Barack Obama is.

Granted if the stand ins have taken off the flesh mask, they could have gone back to White Wisconsin, but this is a truly bizarre event which runs into the conspiracy theater, because it has been this blogs exclusive that Obama left the building in June of 2013 as everything about what replaced him in the Obamajinn changed, including everything politically went wrong. The look alikes appeared and have filled in, and now it honestly looks like "Obama is going to be a figment of the imagination" in he will be reported like Hillary Clinton outside of Chelsea's apartment, but no one will know where in hell Obamarod is.

This is fascinating that the public show was put into place for Palm Springs, without Lurch, and Lurch ditches the image the first chance she gets in getting out of the country, and no one knows where in hell the image of Obama is. This is unheard of as ex occupants of the Oval Office just do not disappear. This bears the need for an inquiry which I do not have time for, as I have to go fry chicken, and not the entree.

Something is up in this and is why I am reporting on it here. Things which do not make sense, do not make sense for reason, as this is proof of the June 2013 event in Lurch has ditched her appendage as it is no longer necessary. The children did not depart on the Air Force flight out of DC, and now Lurch has gotten rid of the image. I hope to inquire on this, but it might be that we are looking at the first phase of a new operation about to unfold, as perhaps those in power have rejected Obama 2020 return, and no one wants to wear the face mask for 4 years pretending to be Barack  Obama.

Time for fried chicken.