Tuesday, January 24, 2017

An Alert on Russian Hacking

Special Guest

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Robert Young Pelton appeared on Coast to Coast AM on Monday evening and was discussing Fake News, and it is important that each of you have this bit of information he shared on "Russian Hacking".

Pelton stated that the "russian hacking" which that Obama fraud of the CIA in Brennan put the FBI onto Mr. Trump and his advisers in the "Russian Connection" due to John McCain treachery, was based upon a hacking program which WAS Russian KGB, FSB, GRU FROM THE DINOSAUR AGE.
That program could be purchased at any vendor around the world, and that is the source of the "Russian hacking".
That is like saying America shot down Russian civilian airliners, because the Wright Brothers were the first to fly a plane.

Pelton went on to state that in his researching of this subject for a future expose', that there was no proof of Russian anything. All there was, was Fake News reports which the CIA was then quoting.....and it would be added that those Fake News reports were generated by the Obama CIA to be planted by their media stooges, so this is what this entire conspiracy was about.

So we have open source hacking ware which anyone can obtain and Obama CIA planted stories to point the finger at the Russians. This all looks like what it is, a slopping liberal who hated Hillary Clinton, having White House connections, and probably voting for Bernie Sanders, laying down a Russian trail to cover their ass, and the Obama regime pushing war with Russia, more than happy to give cover to this insider, who the more this generates looks like was coordinating with Val-erie Jarrett out of 1600 Penn Avenue.

Some more Truth to demand that fraud Brennan be prosecuted for treason and those in the media who are in the CIA employ who are behind this.

Nuff Said.