Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hillary or Bust

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Observing the Democratic Party is like watching a retard ram its head into a door over and over trying to open it.

- Lame Cherry

This is a white paper on what to expect from Democrats as the tactical plans are beginning to emerge as the virginal Hamrod appeared again in white, with her dark Huma shadow trailing behind, and a telling statement appeared in the press that fag Robbie Mook for 3 months has been dissecting "why Hillary lost".
Before you smirk and say it is because people hate her, you must understand this, because it is important, as this is what 2018 and 2020 are all going to be about.

The Democratic Party is not going to be one of ideologies or beliefs, but will instead emerge again as the Clinton Hodgepodge of "how can we fool enough of the people to vote for us". That worked with Bill Clinton, running against two hated old men in HW Bush and Bob Dole, but that same hodgepodge is a disaster for Hillary Clinton as she could not defeat cheating Obama, Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump. It would have worked against Jeb Bush, because Bush was trying to be the female version of Hamrod, and his running would have suppressed the vote, but all the same, Democrats are courting the same Hamrod disaster again.

Hillary Clinton is going to try this out in 2018 on her hand picked Congressional and Governor's races to curry party support. Frankly, I would think it would be a disaster for Hamrod to try and be mayor of New  York in that cesspool of hate politics. It would only make her a target, and sincerely when New York has New York President Trump, being mayor only makes you look weak.
What the Clinton gambit most likely is going to progress to is what Hillary Clinton is clearing the field for, and that includes the shoving of Birther Hussein under the bus as it could not deliver the black vote for Hillary is to place Chelsea Clinton as Mayor of New York City to give her exposure politically, as New York has Schumer and Gillibrande as Senators and they are not going any place for Chelsea to perch from, and Senator did Hillary Clinton nothing.

As an inside note, this is all fluid, but there are hints that Lurch is moving to a time line of becoming a widow. This would assist in attempting to slow down the President from wiping 44 from the history books, and gain Hamrod control over the black vote again completely, and Widow Lurch could be the amen factor of Chelsea and Hillary.

What instinct tells me is Hamrod is going to try the message in 2018. She will refine it and the someone like that odd Higgenlopper or whatever his name is from Colorado's Governorship will be the anointed party favorite for the 2020 nominee......unless that Carolyn Kennedy is a dark horse choice.
CK is not .....she has no intelligence compared to JFK or RFK. She is not smarmy enough like RFK jr. as she is just stupid. The entire focus of 2020 for the Democratic Party that Hillary Clinton is assembling is to put into place a Presidential nominee so much a puppet that the Clintons run the show with Chelsea chosen as Vice President, or the preferable venue of the nominee being destroyed by President Trump, with Chelsea getting her feet wet in national political exposure as the "moral" Clinton, so she will head the ticket in 2024.
Granted Hamrod even with youth blood transfusions does not look like she has 8 years in her, and 16 years to rule behind the curtain for Chelsea, but that is what the quasi immortal Hamrod Clinton is beginning to assemble.

Hamrod with Soros are attempting a gender split in America, as that is what the 500,000 vagina protest was about. As fag Robbie Mook attempts to glue together a coalition of 1000 malcontents to form a margin victory block, it appears once again a flaming disaster.

On President Trump's side, what must be done is securing the elections from fraud in voter ID and stopping people who are not American from voting in American elections. As Mr. Trump cements power, the deportation of illegals will appear in two phases.
Phase 1: Criminals and terrorists.
Phase 2: Hire American Buy American.

Closing the illegal welfare money drain completes this, and the illegals will self deport.

This will be assisted in the Obama dope cartels are now arming with RPG's on the border. A dust up there unifies the nation and hastens the exodus.

So one can conclude that the President implements his Promises and it bleeds out the Hamrod body politic. It was a mistake by Charles Schumer to whine about the old whine lines at the Inauguration of hyphenated sexual deviants. The liberals are hanging onto the propaganda that Hamrod "won the popular vote". No Hamrod won New York and California and lost the country and she won the coasts, because President Trump did not waste resources there. The tide turns in self deportation and a President leading a prospering nation as Bill Clinton experienced.

The Clintonphiles are going to attempt to hammer out this Neo Democrat policy again which pleases no one, a Walter Mondale Sodomite pragmatism. What Hamrod should be engaged in going to the right of Donald Trump on issues, as all that is left on the left is seccession and Hamrod wins nothing with California out of the mix.

President Trump is a Teddy Roosevelt Progressive in being an Americanphile which is nationalist and people vote for that. A TR Progressive is not sodom anti America policy at every turn, nursing from corrupt Wall Street and that is what Hamrod is.
What Hamrod needs is some goofy mantra of RULE THE LEFT FROM THE RIGHT, meaning Chelsea will be a liar like FDR in being pro gun, pro family, pro Christianity, pro American and whatever as they start imperial wars for profits.

We are witnessing the generation of this in Shadow Hamrod, and Hamrod has moved to show Birther Hussein the exit door as part of this agenda, and that is what is taking place now in the 44 legacy has been ended by Hillary Hamrod Clinton.

And of course I know that making this public in the folder files, blows holes in the political ship of state that Hamrod is attempting to float. Granted with George W. showing up at the Inauguration and Laura turning away from the Trump's as Muchelle about leapt over the chairs to get her hands on grinning George, reveals that W. has taken over Bush fam's political future in plugging the holes on Hamrod's sinking ship when needed and promoting the Obama legacy for ........yes Jorge Bush's rise for 2024.
I do not see Jeb arising from the political dead. He is a proven idiot. The oligarchs are furious about his wasting their 100 million dollars on a loss, and he has misplayed this entire post Trump election.

We will witness if it is Hillary or Bust, and at this moment, I am betting on the bust, as Bill Clinton and his staff overcame Hillary Clinton, but everything Hillary Clinton touches ends up in flames, as she is a duplicitous intelligence double agent, who is always playing both sides against the middle, in she only believes in herself and nothing else.

Who knows maybe even Hamrod will put her better half down for a sympathy vote as once she gets started she may not stop.

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