Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Birther in the Belfry


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are interesting developments as image Obama was positioning itself in a return in 2020 Presidential runs, as Democratic Congress in 2018 made such an event possible, as focus came on impeaching President Trump.

Everything image Obama engaged in, has been for it's return. It has has hinted at it, in it could have beaten Trump. Yet we now see signs of a shift.

Lurch Muchelle Obama has dumped the image and flown off to Pedo Island on Richard Branson's private jet.

Hamrod Clinton has emerged as Queen Maker, in she is embarking upon choosing all the democrats who will run for office in the coming elections.

Mockingbird has planted a host of stories about Carolyn Kennedy to the Governor of Colorado as the future tide of the DNC.

Michelle Obama Goes Alone To Caribbean Island - Vessel News

7 hours ago - Michelle Obama Goes Alone To Caribbean Island ... It was later revealed to have filed a flight plan to the British Virgin Islands' main airport.

Hillary Clinton Is On A Mission To Rebuild The Democratic ...

Hillary Clinton Is On A Mission To Rebuild The Democratic Party ... Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign will maintain staff in all 50 states during ...

The race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination is ...

He may start the 2020 race as the front ... Gov. John Hickenlooper: ... will run for president, and, at the moment, Hickenlooper seems first among equals for that ...

New York Post

Mockingbird is busy.

All of that brings the conclusion that the image Obama has reached historical exit, and there is not any room in the political landscape with Hamrod's hand rocking the cradle.

Hypothetically, what if it was reported that Birther left the building in June of 2013, and there had been images of the birther impersonating him all of this time. What if the reason Lurch flew off, was the image had reverted back to the person who was being paid to project the image. (One would think it would be extremely Breitbart unhealthy for hired impersonators to be walking around with this story in they might disappear too.)
There really would not be any reason to keep an expensive and dangerous project operational, as other competitors would not appreciate it, so perhaps the final farewell is being concluded.

A scenario as this would logically have several levels of operational service. In logic, a repeat of the guilt of JFK which promoted all of Lyndon Johnson's projects, could be reverse engineered in the guilty could keep the 44 legacy viable as the Paul Ryan mantra would join Nancy Pelosi in, "We can not dismantle such a wondrous legacy.)

It would be stopping the roll back by 45 with no one being harmed, because the Birther already left the building 4 years ago.

It is going to be an interesting study to see if the Birther has been put into the attic.......and does anyone know if the widow flew off to the sunset with her sex pard Val-erie Jarrett for comfort.

Hamrod has made her move. She is the hand, looking like her youth blood  transfusions are making gramma into a cougar as Huma is on the market again.

Oh my another interesting reality of being popular in posting the realities of the coup and these back projects which seem to be trending by those initiating them.

The doll house has gone active.

Dates trending February 2, 5, 7. Logic cliffhanger drama to condition the rats in the maze.

We shall see.

Interesting what Baby is trending and linking.

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