Saturday, January 7, 2017

Breach of Presidential Security

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In a deliberate violation revealing the inner workings of the protection of President Donald Trump, the Obama appointed director of the Secret Service Joseph Clancy, must be removed as one of the first acts of the President.

In a published interview, there was an absolute breach of Presidential Security in a tit for tat, of Clancy discounting the Trump personal security, in stating that the Secret Service was in charge and that Trump's security was  "UNARMED".
Furthermore, Clancy made the dangerous affirmation that at public events, Secret Service has nothing to do with protesters and in fact, PROTECTS THE PROTESTERS, as the Secret Service will not interfere with the right of people protesting President Donald Trump.

"We want to make sure everyone has their First Amendment rights," he said, adding that if a protester is removed, that is a decision made by event staff. 

Seriously, have you ever in your lives heard that a riot in an assembled mob is something which is not to be dealt with by the Secret Service.

Politico reported last month that Trump's private team "bristled" at the Secret Service's desire to take the lead in protecting Trump and in some cases, they had gotten in the way of the agency's protocols.
"There is no friction at all" with Trump's private team, insisted Clancy, who said his agency has "sole responsibility" for protecting the President and the first family. He added that there is no overlap between the private team and his agency.
"They are not in our meetings," Clancy said. "They are not armed. They are more of a staff function than a security function. We don't interact with them."
He explained that while Trump's private team is there to ensure public events run smoothly and there are no disruptions from the crowd, Secret Service agents are the only ones protecting the President-elect.

It becomes worse as Wikipedia reveals the information that Director Clancy is not only a favorite of Barack Hussein Obama, in being a personal regime choice who got along famously with Obama, but Clancy was part of Bill Clinton's personal jogging team. Clancy literally left the Secret Service for a high paying job at Comcast security, but was lured back by image Obama to head the Secret Service..........the same Secret Service which Huma Abedin revelead in Emailgate had Hillary's protection trained to look the other way, so Huma and Hillary could disappear doing God knows what, and it is Clancy's security which just exposed Ivanka Trump and her children to sodomite attack by two homosexual militants stalking them.

During his work on the presidential protection details he was able to achieve a close bond with President Barack Obama, and is well regarded by the White House. Clancy was part of the Secret Service protective detail that jogged with President Bill Clinton in the early days of the Presidency of Bill Clinton.[6]
Clancy was appointed as acting director following the resignation of Julia Pierson on October 1, 2014, a position he held until his appointment as director on February 18, 2015 by President Barack Obama.

It is time that President Trump appoint his current Director of Personal Security, Keith Schiller, as the next Director of the Secret Service and to immediately arm his personal protection team. The New York Police are well trained professionals and do not reveal top secret information, nor does NYPD protect anarchists, instead of the President of these United States.

Trump has named the head of his private security team, retired NYPD officer Keith Schiller, as his director of Oval Office operations and deputy assistant to the President. Clancy said Schiller serves as a "conduit for information" between the agents and the President-elect and helps inform the Secret Service about any changes to Trump's itinerary.

It is time for the 25th Director of the Secret Service immediately, and for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to begin an immediate investigation of Joseph Clancy for revealing state secrets which endangered the President of these United States of America.