Saturday, January 7, 2017

President Trump invite General Chuck Yeager

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is a note to the Trump Advisors as the Lame Cherry suggestions and advise have proven valuable in situations like honoring Senator Bob Dole at the Republican Convention.

In 1981, January at President Ronald Reagan's first inauguration, as an honor to the United States military, President Reagan invited and seated in the place of honor, General Omar Bradley, a hero from World War II.

I advocate for President Donald J. Trump to invite the greatest living Hero in America, in General Chuck Yeager of the United States Air Force who is now past 90 years of age and the last of that great generation.

For those who do not know who Chuck Yeager is in having their mind bastardized by Star Wars, General Yeager is the Right Stuff, of that legend.

Chuck Yeager was a West Virginia rural kid, whose Grandfather hated Herbert Hoover for his agents shooting his cows and whose father hated Harry Truman for being a democrat, as a good one had yet to be born.

Chuck Yeager though joined the Army as a Private, was promoted to fighter school, and was stationed in England in World War II where with P 51 Mustangs, he became a multiple ace, shooting down the first German fighter jet.
In Europe he was shot down, joined the French Resistance in escape, dragged a one legged almost dead US Soldier over the mountains into Spain, and returned home a Hero, to be slighted by the desk jockeys who flew papers in the states.

He arrived in Ohio at Wright Air Force base by fluke, as that was close to his home in West Virginia. And there is where he tested planes, became the premier test pilot, all without an engineer's degree, and was stationed at Muroc Air Base, which would later become Edwards.

At Muroc, Chuck Yeager had no housing for his family, where they ate sandstorm dirt daily, is where he broke the sound barrier. Chuck Yeager was the first Rocket Man, who touched the stars. He was an astronaut before they were astronauts. Chuck Yeager was flying for NACA before it was NASA, as the greatest pilot in American history.

This is something which should not be lost in the mix President Trump. Your inner circle has pissed the pot on the people you owe who got you elected, and it is time that you get one thing done in the little details in having General Yeager personally flown to Washington DC, for a special place with his wife in the review stand.

Start this out as Ronald Reagan did with America's greatest Soldier, and send a message Mr. President. Do not make it political, just honor this American Hero and have America remember her greatness and where you hope to take America again.

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