Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Crossing Over The Breitbart Line

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The above was the information from Matt Drudge as of Tuesday and the intrepid reporter is coming close to crossing the Andrew Breitbart line. The same group interviewed this blog in August on the direction of those who did not appreciate the revelations associated with a popular girl.

As this blog reported, there is a pissing contest between DIA and CIA, and the ramifications of this are manifold as the cartel oriented cloth of the land managers have been running this coup against President Trump for over a year.

There is now blatant and seemingly desperate actions at smearing the President, which once again sends the message that Attorney General Jeff Sessions in his current coup survival is going to have to unleash investigations with extreme prejudice in order to save these United States.
This is the genesis of the war of wars. The wars to wipe the slate of humanity clean of the memory of these criminals.
Make no mistake these are murderous, pedophilic, satanic creatures, and they fully understand their criminal enterprise will have them hung by the mob. This is about their liberty and their judgment. It is why Andrew Breitbart was neutralized for making the mistake of threatening them, instead of moving and obliterating them.

Matt Drudge is now playing the game, thinking his contacts will protect him. What all are missing is, that Mockingbird, the community organized version is planting smears against the most powerful man in the world in Donald Trump, with the DIA as his shield. This is the line of playing for souls and sending them out of this plain.
No one threatens in this game. One day it is a friendly visit, the next it is tits up puffy pink on the street. It is the head of SS telling the world that the personal security of the most powerful man on the planet is unarmed and out of the loop.

It is all the doll house, that deep personal man love, as only an echo can see.

Sheep entering the wolf pen, should practice being mutton before the feast.

- Lame Cherry

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