Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Little Jared Whose Scales Fell From His Eyes

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New York is a city which is not the problem of it's values, but New York is a problem where it is an asphalt vista where a concentration of rats in a maze can make creatures like Barbara Streisand, Robert DeNiro, the cast of Hamilton stars, when in the rest of America, they would have disappeared long ago for real talent.
The same case is Los Angeles in Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks and other liberals, who because they bend over as Kevin Spacey they are maintained as attractions as box office revenues plunge as America never had any affinity with the asphalt vista.

The greatest favor that Jackie Kennedy did for her son, was to get him away from Teddy Kennedy, and sent him to a western American ranch to teach him about life. The Teddy Roosevelt experience taught JFK jr the values of life. Yes he was a man whore of New York, but it grounded him in things that New Yorkers and the Hillary Clinton voting sect have absolutely no Obama Chicago clue of, in their organized misery to control people in cities and the country.

Jared Kurschner appeared with Charles Schumer in discussing with Wall Street, the people who have plundered America, what the world would be like, from a New York Perspective.

On a frigid day in December, Kushner visited the Times Square headquarters of Morgan Stanley to address a private meeting that the Partnership for New York City, which represents the interests of the business community, convened to discuss the outcome of the presidential election. More than 400 executives, many of them CEOs of major corporations, crowded into the bank’s wood-paneled dining hall to hear first from Charles Schumer, soon to be the Democratic leader in the Senate, and then from Kushner, representing his father-in-law, Donald Trump, soon to be the most powerful man in the world.

In their ignorance, New Yorkers were hoping that Jared Kurschner would persuade President Trump to betray his followers and to be another lying politician, so the elite could rule from the ivory towers as Americans faced their own genocide.

Many were hoping — perhaps desperately — that Trump, a formerly unthinkable president, might at heart be a pragmatic dealmaker. If that were true, then maybe he could be moved by Kushner’s quiet advice, and maybe all his maximalist stances — build the wall, ban the Muslims, bring on the nuclear-arms race — were negotiable.

Jared Kurschner though actually saw something at Trump rallies in what real America is, and what his New York values were destroying American lives with by sucking all the resources in America for the 1% who like handing out crumbs to the paupers to pretend they are humanitarians, but when it comes down to it, the Asphalt Vista hands out the same donations to pet shelters where the puppies and kitties are all euthanized too.

“I thought I would need to explain to the business community what a Trump presidency means,” Kushner began. “But the markets seem to have figured it out.” He told the audience about his own process of figuring out Trump’s appeal, saying that he had once lived in a “bubble” on the Upper East Side. He thought about immigration in terms of Silicon Valley’s needs, about education the way Robin Hood Foundation philanthropists did, about climate change in terms of carbon emissions, not mining jobs. Then, about a year ago, Kushner said, he had started traveling the country with Trump, going to rallies where thousands of ordinary Americans shouted in fury about government regulations and the Common Core curriculum. (And torturing terrorists and locking up his opponent, though Kushner didn’t mention those lines.) The gilded scales fell from his eyes.

I honestly did not vote for Jared Kurschner as part of the Presidential package as Kurschner is still blind to God concerning Donald Trump, and Kurschner is part of an Ashkenaz mafia whose purpose is leftist Jew related which has been genociding religious Jews in the state of Israel, much to the harm of Americans being targets of terrorism and fighting Jewish enemies across the Mideast and eastern Europe.

Kurschner took credit for the work of Christians in the election of Donald Trump and their God. Kurschner is still looking at his computer programs which failed, and needs computer programs because he has no God given Inspiration to know the feel of Spiritual waves.

I believe that the sodomite attack on Ivanka or as Mark Steyn says, Evangka Trump says who Jared Kurschner is. He is no John Wayne. Instead he is a New Yorker. He should never have exposed his wife and children to terrorism in public cheap flight, and then he stood there while his wife was berated by a lunatic, instead of giving a good Jesuit boy, Sean Hannity throat chop to the queer. That is what a husband and father does in protecting his family. Kurshner stood in the aisle.
Recall that Obama terrorists who attacked Donald Trump, in Mr. Trump's immediate 70 year old American action was to bristle and cock his arm to deck the snowflake. Donald Trump has the right stuff. Jared Kurschner has snuffed the wind and discovered his perfume has a stench to Americans, but still has a mindset of New York white collar "let the other guy die for my profits".

If Jared Kurschner wants to redeem his fallen self, the Lame Cherry challenges him to get out of Washington DC, as Donald Trump does have Ivanka's phone number, and for Kurschner to get his lily white ass out to Colorado with 100 cows on a ranch, and let him provide for his family in those profits, so Ivanka and the children learn about shit on their shoes and the lot of them start discovering the nightmare of Obama IRS new regulations, about EPA regulations, about USDA regulations about Colorado being a Mexican Muslim terror dope state of liberalism.....let his profits be eaten by bears, wolves, cats and lions.....let him feel helpless, let him be Teddy Roosevelt in going bust, and then let him return to New York as a man who has existential experience in the real world, not a Trump world where the father in law provides cover for Jared's big mistakes.

Kurschner is a golden ghetto slum lord. That is what his family does. It is not a disgraceful thing, but it is a predatory thing. Kurchsner blew his 666 New York address billion dollar high rise purchase. He really is not that bright as he gets into markets high, loses his ass as the markets plunge......and then goes off an buys comp wonk talent to pretend he understands Americans and can manipulate them like all the other cartel lords.

President Trump already knows the asphalt smell. President Trump already knows the D9 stench of working people. President Trump already knows the aroma of politicians and billionaires. That is the scent of Jared Kurschner and the scent which Americans raise their fang lip at and growl.
President Trump needs someone to have Jared Kurschner experience shit on his shoes, and to know what it is like that when you fuck up and the money is gone, there is no turning to daddy to bail your ass out, as 95 million Americans are now sucking on oatmeal in this Obama prosperity.

None of this is an attack on Jared Kurschner. It is the Lame Cherry hope, that he gets his head out of his ass to know what Americans are really, so he can advise Donald Trump about what hell people in this world are going through, so he fights dirty and obliterates every last enemy of people now experiencing genocide.

Kurschner is not going to get the lesson in Jet Blue, in asphalt streets or ivory towers. It is not going to come from Donald Trump jr. as he slums with hunters and Ryan Zinke is his choice as another immigrant to Montana.

I don't give a damn how much propaganda Jared Kurschner poses for in magazine covers as the Little Jared who could, as I know what the hell he is in a lightweight when it comes to real American shit on your shoes, and so does every American understand what Kurschner is, and they are not falling for another suit who is auditioning to be Herod of Jerusalem.

When is the last time that Jared Kurschner and Chuck Schumer met with 400 Americans in shit hole USA, and had the same enthusiasm for them and affinity, in making America great for them again, instead of 400 billionaires in New York.

As Donald Trump has made the mistake of Jared Kurschner as advisor and poster pimp, perhaps President Trump should correct it by appointing some advisers to Jared Kurschner who begin each day's memo to Jared Kurschner like this:

Listen you dumb ass.

Hey shit for brains

You give fucktard a bad name.

 Jared Kurschner needs that kind of American experience if he is ever going to deserve a magazine cover based on Donald Trump's work, and not placed there like Obama with a Nobel Prize.

As the final realization for Jared Kurschner, there are 95 million Americans who never had scales fall from their eyes, because they had the common sense in the first place.

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