Saturday, January 14, 2017

Dr. Zawahiri: Obama's Muslim Dope Lord Legacy

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Just a reminder in the chest thumper Obama who "got" a bin Laden actor, seemed to have forgotten about the head of al Qaeda in Dr. Zawahiri, who just sort of disappeared and stopped being a target of the SEALS and CIA for Obama, about the same time that opium production and slave trade increased a 1000 fold in Muslim lands.

The extremist, who has had a $25m (£20m) bounty on his head since 9/11 and is under global sanctions due to his links to global terror attacks dating back to the 1990s, claimed Isis was “misusing the enthusiasm of the youth”.

Yes the most dangerous man on the planet as the most wanted man on the planet, and all the Obama regime could find to murder was Khadaffi and 500,000 Syrians.......oh and LaVoy Finicum with a few thousand blacks in Chicago.


Another Obama Muslim Dope Lord

Ayman al-Zawahiri has been criticising Isis’s leaders for more than a decade
“They make takfir on the basis of lies, fabrications and even good deeds of obedience...[it is] is political, convenient and opportunistic.”
But then Obama goes slab city June 13th, 2013 AD in the year of our Lord, and the image just lets Doc Z manage things like all the other community organized dope the Brzezinski genius stars again in:

Hey let's make our own al Qaeda called ISIS with training by that Khan kid whose old man trashed Donald Trump at the DNC, and that way we can steal oil from Syria and Iraq, launder it through Turkey and open a Muslim front in Syria to topple Vladimir Putin.

So Doc Zawahiri is a bit upset, as his Vietnam set in as dope lord, and the CIA started pumping a dope line of smack into the Muslim fighters who went zombie, and they lost complete control as President Putin killed tens of thousands of these Muslim terrorists with President Assad of Syria.

The only one really complaining now, now that he is safe from image Obama leaving office, is Dr. Zawahiri, as he lost his crazy Muslim terrorists to enforce his will, and Obama imported all the Muslim nuts into the west to rape white women, and all that is left is the opium trade in Islam and that is going to change too with a Trump Administration, as things are not going to be so community organized in running terrorism out of Obama 1600 Penn the next years.

Nuff Said about the Obama Muslim Dope Lord Legacy.