Saturday, January 14, 2017


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By the evidence it appears from sources in Tucker Carlson and Kristinn Taylor, that there is a coup being engaged in by the #NeverTrumpers and it is radicalizing directly out of Langley in the CIA, and that image Obama has become involved in removing the head of the National Guard, which is the outer zone protective shield of President Trump after he is sworn in. The removal is slated for 12:01 PM on Inauguration Day.

The memo firing Maj. Gen. Schwartz was obtained by the Washington Post. Schwartz said his orders came from the Pentagon but that he doesn’t know who made the decision, nor is he told why he was asked to step down.

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For the sake of President Trump, the Secretary of Defense Maddis must immediately move to secure Washington DC, as this has become a danger zone of a coup, from Bill Kristol stating that the President hates black liberals and loves white Putins to the head of Secret Service protecting rioters for their "free speech" rights which do not exist.

I explicitly accuse Reince Priebus of betraying Donald Trump by sacrificing the protection of Donald Trump and the longer-term healing of the country to Preibus's own vested interests in protecting the short-term triumph of the Republican Party, and the pedophile Establishment of which Preibus is at a minimum an enabler and protector if not an actual participant, not only in relation to the nation-wide pedophilia cabal, but the Wisconsin-based coven that will show the Franklin Scandal in Nebraska to be the teaser that it was.

Robert David Steele ex CIA

The security of the President of these United States is paramount. The United States will not allow John Lewis to express sedition to the #NeverTrumpers now racially slurring Russians and President Trump in homopobia with the degrading term butboi.

There must be a widespread security action in the United States to remove these undesirables to provide for them a more productive and healthy future, as none of this is protected by the Constitution and it is a crime to remove the head of President Trump's National Guard perimeter security just as Mr. Trump becomes President.