Saturday, January 28, 2017

Enemes Alien and Enemies Sedition

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If one can believe Buck Sexton, filling in for Rush Limbaugh, and his constant dishonoring of President Trump as "trump", then there is a reality in the City State Rebellion against the American Government in "sanctuary cities", that 70 such city states have stated they will not follow the law in holding and turning over rapists, robbers and murderers who are within their jurisdiction who are illegally in America.

This is not about illegal entry, but about criminals entering in America, who are preying on Americans, and these city states are not only not enforcing the law, but in open rebellion against the United States Government.

The Trump Administration is initiating terms of withholding federal funds that these jurisdictions need to operate as punishment, but the Lame Cherry considers it in this legal term.

What if you admitted to your home, a Russian hacker who had hacked the Democratic Party, and refused to tell the police that you had in your home a Russian without a visa or passport, and this Russian had beat up a young woman in your city, and the FBI told you to make certain you detained him, and you not only warned the Russian, but provided him money and told him where to hide, do you think that Homeland would just withhold from your IRS refund?

Of course not, you would be arrested for impeding a federal officer (That sounds like LaVoy Finicum does it not?) from conducting their work, indicted for harboring a fugitive, indicted as an accomplice to their crimes, and indicted for treason against the United States Government.

So why is it, that these Mayors to County Sheriffs to Police Chiefs in places like Austin Texas or Chicago Illinois or San Fancisco, are not being arrested?

This is the mistake of the Trump Administration, in the US Justice Department has full authority in this, as these are criminal aliens who have invaded the United States and committed crimes against the Citizens of the United States, and anyone offering them "sanctuary" is an accomplice to their crimes.

President Trump must direct Attorney General Jeff Sessions to issue this order to ever law enforcement officer in America.

Be it known from this day forward, that ALL LAWS of the United States will be enforced concerning criminal illegals in all jurisdictions. Any politician or legal official, elected or appointed, not detaining known criminal whose fingerprints appear in the FBI database, will face warrants for their arrest on several felony charges, including accomplices to the offending criminal.
Such offenders will be taken into custody by Federal Law Enforcement, be held at an undisclosed Federal facility, at home or abroad, according the rules of the Patriot Act, for speedy trial and when found guilty, immediate sentencing to be incarcerated at a Federal prison.

Signed this day, in the year of our Lord, 2017 AD

What the Lame Cherry's point in this is, all of these radical political and local police officials, are political assets to vote fraud and other crimes against the United States. Their positions are thwarting the Citizen's voice from the right wing in America, and are later rewarded with advancement under Obama Clinton regimes. This must be stopped.

How this is stopped is by convicting them of felonies, as felons can no longer hold federal positions, can not be armed, can not vote and enter into a permanent file in which they are never inside the political left establishment again. Furthermore, these criminal Mayors and Police Chiefs, are removed from office and replaced with Americans who will enforce the law and be voices for thee American Right.

Keep arresting these criminal politicians and political appointments by the thousands, and eventually you will intimidate or install Americans who will uphold the law. Keep arresting these criminals in high office, and it will cost them hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in defense, which will be their own self destruction and end their political terror against America.

The Lame Cherry is all for sanctions on the rebellious American city states, as a lesson to the populations there are penalties for sedition. The traitors though must be made to pay financially and with their liberty for being criminals.

When it is cheered by the American left to murder LaVoy Finicum, and cheered by the American left to imprison without bail the Bundy Patriots, with charges of at least 7 years in federal prison at an ass packing prison, then let the same legal justice be performed on criminals who are actually in violation of the US Constitution and protecting murderers and rapists preying on Americans.

Nom de Deus, if President Trump needs a volunteer for running this clean up, then for 1 dollar a year and a full security clearance, the popular girl will be most rigorous in enforcing the US laws to provide Homeland Security a defined mission in protecting America from enemies alien and enemies in sedition.

Clean up these city states and clean them out, and in 2018 AD in the year of our Lord, the majority of them will be voting in the majority Republican as all of the criminals and illegals will not be voting.

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