Saturday, January 28, 2017

Set Asia free from the Qin Terror

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Every person reading this incorrectly calls the Chinese "chinese", like so many call the Ashkenazim Jews, as they are two different species in Asia.

The fact is that the real name is QIN, pronounced Chin by western explorers, because they became the dominant group in that era. As the above map reveals the Chin, conquered the Chu, Han, Wei, Zhao, Yan, Qi and Chu groups, and these groups are still not all what is China today, of the Western and Southern groups, the greatest of which is the Cantonese of the south.

The fact is the Chin were simply the greatest predators, who could slaughter the more advanced non martial peoples who were involved in agriculture, arts, livestock and sciences.

The map below shows how the Chin overtook east Asia like a plague destroying the diversity of humanity.

The plague would continue south and keep spreading to the 20th century in devouring more peaceful peoples like Tibet.

The Chin though were not a match for the Indochinese, as the Khmer actually inhabited southern "china", and the Vietnamese, Koreans, Japanese, and even the aboriginals of the Philippines were more militant in fending off this group.

The Chin attempted once to conquer Japan, but a typhoon destroyed the fleet and that set back landlocked China in her failures. The junks of China were exploratory, but if there was not a sedate population available to place a leash on, the Chinese sailed away to easier prey.

That is the reality of the mystique of China. She absorbed more advanced and productive cultures, taking credit for the genius, and then cowered behind her walls from the Mongols and Japanese, the true dynamic and predatory peoples.

The reality is the Qin have suppressed the free determination of the native peoples of Asia, and all of these groups deserve their right to self determination, as did the people of Yugoslavia.

The Qin are nothing like the "Japanese" which are in reality three groups, by ethnic identity, of the square headed type, the round headed type and the mountain Japanese, whose ancestors are the genetic basis for the American aboriginal. The problem with the Mountain Japanese, is in the confines of Japan, they were an advanced people, but in the wilds of America they became beasts of the field.
The round headed Japanese were not simply predators, but harnessed the predatory nature of the square headed types, and then produced a people of extraordinary ability in the arts and sciences. The most notable was the advance of the Japanese being infused with American technology and craft to produce an advanced mimic structure which surpassed the originator Americans.
The Chin as a comparison have taken the best of Russia, American and European technology, and Peking has degraded the technology and not advanced it. The Chin are not of the same advanced level of the eastern Dongyue and the Ouyue which produced Chiang Kai Shek, whose education in Japan, advanced his prowess to become the true leader of the Republic which is the true "china" safeguarded in Taiwan.

As one can witness by the map below, there are more ethnic identities than in Europe or Africa, where it would be ludicrous to name all the peoples Poles or Dinka, simply because one group was more militant in subjecting the others to their domination.

Map showing the location of Zhejiang Province

It is time for the almost 35 peoples of "china" to be liberated as the North Korean and Mongolian are. The era of the 21st century is self determination, not a centralized authoritarian state in Peking, threatening and imprisoning the peaceful peoples who have that God given Right.

It is time for the return of the Republic of Chiang Kai Shek as championed by the advanced peoples of Taiwan. It is time to put an end to Qin domination in promoting the largest Asian slave state. It is time for Asia to be liberated in the vote of autonomous nation states of their own identity and not the Qin.

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