Friday, January 6, 2017

Esteban Santiago

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is going to be screaming again about American gun laws over the terror event in Florida involving Esteban Santiago who was birthed in New Jersey, but there is something incredibly wrong with this case in Santiago was transporting an illegal weapon through Canada.

As the MSM never reports the vital facts, the above photo is of Santiago holding a handgun, which is probably the weapon in Florida, but it appears even with distortion a large caliber in a 40 +. It looks like a 45 caliber in a concealed carry, and not a 10 mm in the big package handguns. In others words, this gun hurt to shoot.

The Canadian connection is important as Canada REQUIRES permits to transport firearms through Canada, and any handgun which is less than a 4 inch barrel, is not allowed to be brought into or leave Canada.
In whatever the situation, Canada has lengthy permits and feeds to transport firearms, and this gun came through Canada from Alaska, and this looks like a big bore, short barrel concealed carry, which Canada should have seized, as Canada seizes coal burning stoves in being so paranoid of metal and smoke.

Santiago also in Pizzagate Pedo, as he had a travel restriction with the TSA, meaning he was a sexual pervert.

This Podesta voter should have been flagged in Alaska boarding, in Canada, and when he entered Florida as he is a sex offender, but in Obama trans sexuals into little girls bathrooms, Santiago was not detained.
If one examines the above, Esteban was convicted guilty in 2002 in New York, yes liberal Governor Cuomo of perversion, in case number 2002 - 38438.

In this, one can see this perv 4 aliases he is operating under.

Esteban Santiago has nothing to do with gun owners, the US military in the weekend warriors, but is the Podesta Pedo Pizzagate voter, in one can ascertain he appears to be a Puerto Rican gangbanger, tossing around expired military credentials and while "sexual abuse in the second degree" is a misdemeanor, meaning the person Santiago attacked was most likely passed out, this is an Obama Clinton voter to the hilt.
If this perv had been charged as he should of and not coddled, it would have been a felony and none of Florida would have happened.

Things though are not right, as once again we have a second shooter reported like in all of these cases, in it appears another Sirhan Sirhan candidate, and this is aimed at stopping gun control repeals, in something was done to this candidate's mind.

The story fades.