Friday, January 6, 2017

Pardon Lt. Colonel Terry Lakin

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are numbers of Obama coke buyers from the regime's coke lords who are being pardoned by the image Obama, and there are murmurs of pardons for Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, and the Lame Cherry agrees these two men should be pardoned and released from a worse captivity than Gitmo.
Yes the Truth is, is that Muslim terrorists in Gitmo have more rights, and have seen the sun every day, where Julian Assange has experienced a confinement like something in Castro's Cuba of a cell without light, and this is a situation which a merciful people in American must rectify, for Julian Assange revealed by Democratic insiders the corruption of the American regime, and Edward Snowden revealed the depths of an illegal police state arrayed against Americans. The fact is that if Congress and Law Enforcement had been doing their oversight of the Obama regime, Assange and Snowden would never have appeared.

Lost in this, is a Patriot, an American and a Hero, in Lt. Colonel Terry Lakin, who alone stood against the Obama regime, and was made a political prisoner in America. The Lt. Colonel served with distinction in American wars, and when the time came to question the authority of Birther Hussein, he alone stood up against tyranny, and for it was destroyed.

The Obama regime threw this Patriot into prison, and with that corrupt trial, took all rights from this American. This is why the Lame Cherry advocates the complete pardon of Lt. Colonel Terry Lakin, with his full return of Honorable Discharge, rank and position in the United States military, for the travesty which was arrayed against this honorable man.

It is a simple task and that is all which would be required is a signature by President Trump, and Lt. Colonel Terry Lakin will be restored. When turkeys can be pardoned on Thanksgiving, which is another idiot tradition that the Lame Cherry demands a stop be put too, as these are huge birds who suffer greatly in living, and it would be better for that bird to be killed, eaten and used for good purpose, then Lt. Colonel Terry Lakin can be pardoned for doing something that even Mr. Trump contemplated in public, as just how corrupt the Obama birth abstract is, and why this Obama who stated his "British citizenship expired" admitting Obama was a dual citizen, should never have reached the White House by election theft.

Pardon Lt. Colonel Terry Lakin. This Patriot is owed this, because he was the only one who put his life on the line, while others only spoke about it and wrote about it.

Pardon Lt. Colonel Terry Lakin, President Trump.