Sunday, January 29, 2017

Free Rod Blagojevich, Mr. President

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Finally someone with reason has written the Obama Epitpah (You have not seen the Obamajinn now have you since Lurch went to Virgin Island now have you?), but Lurch is getting the widows reward of a 20 million dollar payoff in the Obama Memoirs "How I looted the World".

This though is about not satire, but the injustice of Governor Rod Blagojevich, who has been in prison 8 years, sentence to 14 more, for not bowing to Barack Hussein Obama. For those who do not remember this saga, this was all about Obama's entourage handpicking who was going to get the Illinois Senate seat that Obama vacated. The Obama regime was furious that Governor Blagojevich would not just hand it over, but was working his own political deal.
For those who missed this story in the Lame Cherry archives, in this period were recorded conversations of Rahm Emanuel doing dirty deals for this seat, and Attorney General Eric Holder, phoned Emanuel and told Emanuel to shut the hell up as it was all being wire tapped, so Emanuel disappeared, the  FBI investigated absolutely nothing, and the Scooter Libby bagger in Patrick Fitzgerald was in on this and got promoted to a head job at Justice.

There were two people destroyed by the Obama regime and one was John Edwards and the other was Rod Blagojevich.

It is in this, that the Governor's daughter posted on Facebook a reality check in how Barack Obama and his kangaroo courts had ruined the childhood of Rod Blagojevich's daughter, and robbed her of her father.

"I am shocked at how bitter and full of hate I have become, I truly thought you were a good person. I guess I was just as brainwashed as everyone else. At least now I can see the blood on your hands."

"I thought you would finally right this wrong," she told Obama. "You didn't have to pardon him, only commute the sentence. You just had to let him come home. You didn't. You released others, like Chelsea Manning or FALN terrorists, who actually committed reprehensible crimes, but you failed to release an innocent man."

"Everyone seems to be mourning your exit from office, I'm glad you're gone. I'm not delusional — you're not a saint. You were a mediocre president with unoriginal ideas."

- Amy Blagojevich

The Lame Cherry has always championed the political prisoners of Barack Hussein Obama, and the Lame Cherry pleads for the servicemen in prison and that includes Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, who deserves a pardon, and the Lame Cherry asks the Trump Administration to commute the sentence of Rod Blagojevich to time served,  and give this husband and father back to his family. The only crime Rod Blagojevich committed was like President Assad, Colonel Khadaffi and President Mubarak, in having crossed paths with Obama, and ended up paying with their lives.

It is my intention to make this an issue for the Blagojevich family, because I have always been of the mind that, God forbid something like this happened to me, that I would hope people would not forget and rally others to set an innocent man at liberty again.

Eric Holder was an accomplice in this. Rahm Emanuel was a conspirator in this, and they are being greatly rewarded much to the harm of America. It is only right that Rod Blagojevich be set free from prison, and honestly if this Slav gave his word to obey the law, the Trump Administration should place him as an Ambassador in eastern Europe to provide for his family.

I am sorry that Amy Blagojevich had to learn what a scoundrel all Obama was and is. I hope that President Trump on his full schedule can find a way to commute and pardon a number of Americans sentences whose lives were destroyed by the dreams of Obama.

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