Sunday, January 29, 2017

doll house echo

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was back-reading your blog due to a prolonged absence from the
computer and saw the statement "Did you fall asleep, and will you
believe it is only for awhile."

Much of the Franklin Scandal to the intervention of Barack Hussein Obama to turn him from a choom head to a community organizer, has roots in the Doll House.

That is the line from Doll House as written by the liberal Whedon boys in using people, wiping their brains with light waves, and reprinting them with a Manchurian, and then wiping them once the assignment was complete, to which the dolls awoke to always ask, if they fell asleep, and the programmer would answer, only for awhile.

I realize the people who do not have money to donate and I realize with the number of hits this blog has internationally, that there are numbers of very rich people lurking around, who are now taking credit for God's work and forgetting the danger which was, and still is.
For fun I have a hypothermic baby calf in our kitchen again. The cow was not supposed to be due for another month, but when I checked mail today, I noticed her by herself and decided I better go get her out of a earthen water tank she was in, or the idiot would fall in causing more problems.........and to my surprise there was a calf on the bare ice.
So to the barn we went, and then to town for some colostrum and seeing it was still trying to check out, into the kitchen he went, where I had a Mr. Heater cooking him as she was shivering a great deal.
He is now puffing and I have some frowner days ahead in getting it back outside in the barn with the cow, getting it to suck and keeping it healthy and alive. I guess  better than the dead one eh.

With 95 million Americans without jobs , Paul Ryan a millionaire in comfort, the Obama Inc. living like royals, and the traitors keeping these vermin foreigners in America, I am not in any mood, as I work to exhaustion each day and my biggest reward is something not dying.

For respite I work on the blog, and have written about killing large predators.......still no time to finish the series on advanced sciences, but am contemplating a few posts about the wretched missile systems America had in Vietnam on that F 4 Phantom. We can be thankful the Soviet Union did not invade Europe in that era, as the systems were all sub par.

Enough of this, as I should probably accomplish something as there is no rest for Lame Cherry as a Sabbath's sweat is never done.