Monday, January 23, 2017

Glory Be, Another Mike Pence Miracle!!!!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Does there seem to be no end to the miracles of Mike Pence? Why just the other day this photo emerged of someone walking on the water, and I just knew it had to be Mike Pence.

I have been keeping track of the miracles of Mike Pence in there just is no end to them. For example, here is Mike Pence feeding the 5 million. Even Jesus was small potatoes compared to a miracle worker like Mike Pence.

Then there is this miracle, the changing of wine into Jews. Now that is a real affirmation as to the miracles of Mike Pence.

The real sign though of signs of the power of the miracles of Mike Pence is Mike Pence raising old dead erections in Bill Clinton's pants.

Oh one more miracle, as Mike Pence even changes darkness into light. Glory Be, that Mike Pence is the miracle worker.

It comes to the point that you just wonder what do you need with that Trump fellow around with Mike Pence around being the messiah that only Obama dreamed about...............

Hey wait just a gall durn minute here, it sort of looks like Mike Pence is getting a load of great press as if someone is manipulating all this behind the scenes to condition Americans to accept a replacement for President Donald Trump.

My children and my brats, do you remember just a few months ago, when the only thing worse than Mike Pence in sodom was fire and brimstone?
Do you remember how the worst thing on the planet was a pro life, pro gun, right wing, guy whiter than snow?

So how is it that Mike Pence never had any of the left wing media railing on him as the week point to not vote for Donald Trump, and Pence was being presented as the UNIFIER and the reasonable one?

I have been monitoring all of this, including the problems this blog has in publishing in the minders are still around, and just like with Ted Cruz, they are around and are initiating a group of trolls to appear on Facebook, posting the virtues of Mike Pence, and how it is PENCE 2020, without Donald Trump.

The signs are all there in Mike Pence is one of a number of intelligence assets for the shadow keepers. I have posted enough research on Mike Pence to alert everyone he is a Big Koch boy, and that means the intelligence industrial complex like Bill Ayers' old man.
As an example, Ben Sasse the traitor from Nebraska who is a #NeverTrumper, just had Big Koch announce a 50 million dollar upgrade to the Koch monopoly on ethanol production in that state. It is all part of the quid pro quo of this conglomerate treason which all of us voted against in voting for President Trump.

The operation which is protecting and promoting Mike Pence involves the left wing media. They smear and like about President Trump, but Mike Pence gets the pass and good press.........and the MSM loathes people like Mike Pence.

Mike Pence is there for one reason. The same reason intel tried to run him for President with Jeb Bush and the people rejected Pence, and that is Pence is supposed to fulfill and inherit the Ted Cruz Tea Party base. Oh I suppose you forgot that Mike Pence endorsed that fraud Ted Cruz, all for the oligarchs who were flipping election results from Donald Trump to Ted Cruz.

See if you are paying attention, everything is there in your being conditioned. I talk with my neighbor who feeds our livestock with his tractor, and out of the blue he keeps bringing up what a great guy Mike Pence is. That is from stories planted in the right wing "farmer" media which he listens to. He has no idea he is being manipulated and conditioned for something evil. He thinks that Obama Clinton is the problem and never sees the same cartel group is promoting Mike Pence for a coup against President Donald Trump.

Pence is skilled. He suckered the Kurshners to bend at the waist, and the Kurshners involved in their own Jewish mafia agenda, have apparently no comprehension they are being played. Jared Kurshner is being moved to manipulate his father in law on "Israeli" issues, which will benefit Mike Pence's backers, and the minute Mike Pence is President, Kurschner is going to be sent packing.

Watch that Sean Spicer who is Reince Priebus' third cock wad. Rush Limbaugh who can not keep his mouth shut was bragging that it was Preibus and Spicer who were coordinating tactics to manipulate the electorate for Jeb Bush as they showed up at Limbaugh's mockingbird mic to fill him in.
That duo was glad handing the Christians to manipulate and use them exactly as George HW Bush did, and told the Christians to shut up and go away after 1988 in HW's win. They were more clever this time, in locking the door on election eve quietly, banning all the Christians from the inner circle, and putting into place Mike Pence to be the Judas Goat leading the Christian right to the slaughter.

America is going to get another cartel messiah if you do not watch out. This is in the works and everyone of you now has the thought in your mind which is making you uncomfortable in another "oh shit" moment, as you know no one in the right gets a pass, and Mike Pence does, and somehow the paid for trolls are busy trolling conditioning stories into your minds about Mike Pence replacing President Trump.

The purpose of this is to expose this, so the public will not accept it, and people will begin to neutralize the trolls in outing Pence as a stooge in being a danger to the  Trump Administration, like numbers of this inner circle.

Oligarch asset Steve Bannon is already a lap dog keeping the press whores in the White House, and Kellyanne Conway will have her numbers and managing of Donald Trump marginalized. Logic points to Jared Kurschner will have his Mideast Peace sabotaged by the Clinton McCain Pence faction of the cartel and that leaves the miracle worker, Mike Pence.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, as no one else will.

Note from the Tiger Lily: 

"He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much." Luke 16:10

Remember that planted story making the rounds about gay people partying in front of Pence's house? The same Governor Pence that backed down over the marriage law passed by his own state of Indiana to make sure business owners were terrorized by the militant gay agenda into violating their religious beliefs? Yes. More dog and pony show, and you are falling for it, just like Mockingbird knew you would.

But were Mr. Trump to leave the race now, on whatever pretext, he could state honestly that he bested a formidable Republican establishment and that he brought important issues like illegal immigration to the fore. He would win the gratitude of his party for putting its interests first. He could help his capable children rebuild the tarnished Trump brand. And with a little luck, his running mate, should he replace Mr. Trump as the nominee, might defeat Hillary Clinton, who has severe image problems of her own. In that event, Mr. Trump could reasonably boast that he hand-selected the next president. 
Mike Pence did not ask to be put in this position, to be sure, but neither did others to whom history handed daunting tasks. In a very real sense, the future of America is in his hands.

                                          NeverTrumper Ben Shapiro pushes Pence

When both the establishment left and the establishment right are pushing the same man, warning bells should start clanging in your heart.