Sunday, January 22, 2017

Vikings are better off telling their Sagas

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I seem to recall in history that the Viking was better off telling their sagas. Where would Beowulf be without a saga? It would be like a bunch of Vikings sitting around listening to crickets. I mean crickets are fine if you got nothing else to do, but when you are a Viking you need tales of Valkyrie, lightning hammers and Vinland, or else all you got is sardines and an open boat, and no one wants to have a bed and a blanket of sardines.

I once heard the modern Norwegian eats 6 bowls of soup to warm up and 6 bowls of soup to feed himself. Upon seeing Norwegian soup, I thought, "If he ate soup and not broth, he would not have to be eating 12 bowls of soup".
Probably why the Viking in Norway all ended up in America, as you can't conquer the world on soup.

I have a theory that the English went tits up as a people to be fags, as they eat nothing but fish and chips. You can't rule an empire on cod and spuds, no matter how much French frying is going on.

Is why the cartel is feeding soy milk to all those children in America, turning them into shemales and maleshes. Got to suck tit or you end up with beanie babies.

So everyone needs a good Viking saga and an audience. Greeks have their tragedies but are just too over the top. The Germans really do not have tragedies they just have England causing problems. Russians just seem to own tragedy. Vikings just have sagas, with things that suck at times, but as long as you got a brew and figure the sun is going to shine sometime, what more can you really ask for eh? Ask for more than that and you probably will turn into a Canadian, and until the the Canadians west of the Red River rise up and drive the liberals into the ocean, ain't much sense in wanting to be a Canadian, as all they got now is just listening to the crickets.

I am pondering the coup to put Mike Pence into power. Treacherous Republicans, conspiring Democrats, be great fun I think in Homeland being called out with the Military, and what could be better than being Martin Lutherette, riding some war horse, with my hair blowing, inspiring the armed police state to great victories. Be like some Viking saga.

Any way all is family among Vikings as nothing is more saga than the Viking.