Monday, January 2, 2017

Godsmack Smarts


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a fascinating reality of the earth's inner being, in which there is a rotating solid inner core, a sea of molten magma, two cylinders rotating like rolling pins on this  solid core, which then jet out a river of iron that moves east to west, in exact opposite of how it should, as it flows counter clockwise to the earth rotating clockwise.

What this explains is earth magnetism. What this means is the earth has a magnetic attraction in the dark matter of space which is not a void in the electric universe.

What  this means is, that if a large object of high magnetic field entered the solar system on a thousands of years orbit, that it would begin compressing space, causing rifts tears in the molten sun, and wonderfully affect the molten core of earth, and begin ripping at the Pacific plate, causing volcanoes to erupt and a rash of powerful earthquakes, in the fissures and fractures.

Earth being a metallic planet would be more prone to magnetic pull. The sun has gravitational pull. A planet X by the signs appearing is a magnetic frequency type planet.

That is Lame Cherry Concentrate as once the brilliant mind knows how the mechanism operates, there is not any more interest.

Of course!!! Planet X with her chics.As she is magentic, she would have in tow a propensity of ferrous type meteors, asteroids and planetoids, much more Wormwood like atmospheric slap then an ice comet.
Waters turn red, again of course, it points to iron based ferrous material.

Wow talk about Lame Cherry should be awarded the Nobel Prize for Godsmack smarts eh.