Monday, January 2, 2017

Faded to Barack

Editor's Note: As you have not had the Lame Cherry God Inspired Genius for a week, please read this slowly as by God's Grace I have returned to the world of electricity, and I would not want your abysmal minds to sprain themselves on this high octane of thought, you have suffered through in Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity guest hosts.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For those with Memory Alpha, they will recall a January day in 2001, when even Bob Schieffer of CBS blurted out, "Why won't Bill Clinton just go away!!!"

Never before in history was a former President so clinging to the White House, that Bill Clinton simply was lost without the White House, as for the first time in his life, he had actually found some validation. It was a bizarre neuro sleep deprived obsession, as Clinton sat up all night granting pardons to international felons at the urging of criminals like Eric Holder, and when George W. Bush was President, there was Bill Clinton hanging around for the press, inserting himself into anything he could, just to have attention again.

Once again though in this historical Obama dictatorship in the first non peaceful transfer of power by the Obamas and the Clintons, we have an even more needy image in that of Birther Hussein Obama, the physical and political bastard of the 21st and 20th century, violating every Presidential grace which George Washington set down as the code for American Presidents.


Trump team draws target on federal regs...

Obama won't go quietly...

There is not any need to list the thousands of new dictatorial mandates and hundreds of new dictatorial laws of image Obama in December alone, piled on the piles of 8 years attacking Americans, because what this all renders down to, is Barack Hussein Obama is the unwelcome occupant who simply will not leave for 90 days, while Bill Clinton only had 1 day in which he would simply not go away.

The image has had ludicrous fantasies blurted out, that if he was only allowed to run, that he would have defeated Donald Trump. There is one fact in this that image Obama has overlooked, and that is Donald Trump would have obliterated image Obama in a landslide, because image Obama made this election on 3 points.

image Obama campaigned hard for Mrs.  Clinton.

image Obama criminally interfered with the FBI's criminal investigation of Mrs. Clinton

image Obama appealed to it's gym floor audiences that voting for Mrs. Clinton was a vote for it's legacy.

The 2016 election was an entire referendum on the things Barack Obama did, the criminal occupant of the White House. What NO ONE HAS STATED AND LAME CHERRY WILL IS, that Americans were going to stick Obama into the White House twice to prove they were not Nigger Knockers, but they would not affirm it a 3rd time in a sick old hag like Hamrod Clinton.
For the image Obama, it can be propaganda that if "only he had run", that Americans would have repeated that mistake again to protect their lies about what racists they are, but the coup de tet of this is that Americans DID NOT RISE UP to force Congress to allow image Obama to install itself as king. Americans had had enough of Obama, and while they would destroy America as reparations to prove they were not racists, they were not going to continue the genocide of Obama.
There is a far different American mindset about watching America burn down for their delusions over Obama, but when that fire came to their doorstep, the delusion became reality and Americans saved themselves from Obama genocide of America.

That is the fact in  this, in Americans in voting for Donald Trump, accepted  God's choice as Job Savior, over the Oprah false messiah and the whore of Babylon in Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump defeated by God's Grace thee entire corrupt voting machine of Barack Obama, in dead voters, illegals voting, e vote fraud, and fraud polling.......Donald Trump just did not defeat Hillary Clinton by God's Grace, but defeated the criminal Obama vote fraud machine in a landslide.

What is left is this pathetic image of Obama. Trying to inflict on America it's presence in mandates, when the fact is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.
What you must understand is Obama IS Sharia Obama, the Muslim Brohood, of using American laws against Americans, while Obama never obeyed the law ever. That is what image Obama "thinks" in if it puts into place all these illegal and immoral mandates, that President Donald Trump will simply obey the Obama dictates, but President Trump is not about to nor are Republicans in Congress.

I give this example of German Americans, in General Chuck Yeager, the Hero. While Yeager commanded a fighter wing in Germany in the Cold War, some numnuts was checking his Saber fighters out, and touched the gun mechanism while a Saber was on ground, and sprayed  the German countryside.
After this the brass had red safety pins on all of the jets. The pilots  were complaining there was so much damned crap on that stick that it got in the way with flying. So suddenly those safety pins started disappearing.
General Yeager told his pilots."Boys leave those pins alone and do not remove them", but the pins kept disappearing from every plane until they were all gone.
One of the command went to get something from the General's locker, and was amazed that all of the pins were in Yeager's locker. He had removed every last one, as it was a stupid regulation that got in the way of fighter pilots doing their job.

That is what Americans are, and who President Donald Trump is. Americans can and will ignore every damned Obama law, and there is not a thing Obama can do about it.

As  suggestions, President Trump can simply issue and order that everything Obama has done will be under review, and that there will be a moratorium on implementation and enforcement, and America will return to the Ronald Reagan 1982 AD in the year of our Lord era of legal standings until the review is over.
President Trump can of course immediately get rid of most of Obama's orders. The Congressional laws will require Congress to remove them, but as the Lame Cherry has stated, President Trump does have the LINE ITEM PAYCHECK, in the President can instruct his Treasury Secretary to not pay the bills to enforce Obama things, and that ends them immediately.
As for image Obama's land grab, the same situation on the suspension until review is complete is perfectly legal, and all of those offshore mandates can be then overturned when States complain about the federal intrusion, and Secretary Zinke will simply revoke the Obama orders.

So it is ludicrous the contempt that image Obama has for Americans and President Trump, in thinking it can hem them in, in Americans will kneel to king george law from the decree,  while king obama never obeyed any American laws.
All that is required is for Americans to ignore the laws, President Trump suspend enforcement, and  then for the process on the tedious oversteps by Congress in granting dictator powers to Presidents, be rescinded forever.

That is the great secret in all of this, in image Obama craves adoration as it is nothing without that White House office, and as long as image Obama thinks it can chain the lives of Americans and  President Trump, then it has a semblance of meaning for it's pathetic existence.
None of which is going to take place, as President Trump has been leading American policy since his announcement to be President. President Trump's greatest achievements have been the return of jobs, the return of hope and the cessation of a nuclear war with Russia.

95% of what Obama's dictatorship is, will disappear by 2 PM eastern time  with the stroke of a President Trump pen. The other 5% could be done by 3 PM if Congress would quit having congress in Obama's rectum, and invest January in passing laws for President Trump to sign on Inauguration Day to get rid of Obamacare, and replace it with a 3 tier Trumpshare plan for the poor, and two other market choices for those who choose to have medical insurance in savings accounts or insurance competition across state lines.

It is though what image Obama is, a 3rd world Indonesian Islamist whose intelligence has never been of the standard of a Tavis Smiley or Clarence Thomas American first world mind. image Obama thinks it can continue on by making laws against Americans, when Americans have a history of ignoring asinine mandates, and going on with their American Dream.

That is the essence of this, the Obama nightmare has vanished, and no matter the branches scratching on the window, the dawn of President Donald Trump has appeared for a restoration of the American Dream. That is the proof of the unAmerican Obama. it never did understand Americans, the way Vladimir Putin has or the way Donald Trump. king Obama like king George can make Americans criminals from their throne, but Americans will thumb their noses at this tyranny, as President Donald Trump like President George Washington is leading America to that Shining City on the Hill.

It is morning again in America with the light of Trump, and the night of Obama has faded to Barack.

- Lame Cherry

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