Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How many Barack Obama's Went on "Vacation"?


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When the Lame Cherry exposed the reality that the image of Barack Hussein Obama did not get on the Virgin Islands vacation plane, and only Lurch the wife, Muchelle did, I wondered how long it would be, before the image was put before the public again, because when the prototypes have been put into storage, it disrupts the operation and forces those minders to produce an image, because people noticed what the Lame Cherry said, and started asking questions.

That is what amused me in the Legacy had to reactivate an image and make certain it was posted......sort of like the photo of Barack sr. arriving on the docks in Hawaii, photographed with his Filipino wife, and the father who provided the sperm for Barry Soetoro.

Her is the photo, but you will notice something in, you do remember in 2008, people used to make an endless joke of Barack Hussein Obama's elephant ears......and yet on Virgin Island, the Obama photographed here has flat ears.

So we have absolute proof that this is a very good borg version of Obama, but it is not the original model.

This becomes more interesting in the official photos of the Obamaborg jetting about the golf course, complete with Obama watch, Obama nike skids, Obama mom jeans and Obama Alan Harper odd guy shirt........but this version does not have the Obama sunglasses, as there are three models, the 50's flat head type, the red lenses, but this one in the jet cart has blue lenses.
OK so you make excuses in sunglasses can change, but jet cart Obama has a skinhead........yes grey hair before and after and on the jet cart, he is skin head.

Then again I do not think Obamaborg can take his ears off, as those ears keep cropping up in this jet cart Obama has tiny flat ears, compared to the other Obama's who got them ears out again close to 2008 Obama.

Finally out of the doll house, we have the Lame Cherry favorite in melon head Obama, who appears above, and now appears below with original jug ears Obama from 2008, the 2016 melon head Obamaborg on Virgin Island sucking coconut melon, and the just posing for a photo on Virgin Island to prove the Lame Cherry wrong, that it was on the Branson jet with Lurch the wife.

The problem though is we have 3 Obama's and three different head shapes.

  • Round Head Obama from 2008, the original Birther
  • Oval Head Obama in 2017, with jug ears
  • Square Head Obama in 2017, with flat ears

 As the original Obama left the building on June 13th, 2013 AD in the year of our Lord, it appears that after the Lame Cherry exposed "Where's Waldo Obama", that the doll house dispatched to Virgin Island, three definite Obamaborgs......or perhaps the original Obamajinn, as I have not inquired as I really am not that interested in who Attorney General Jeff Sessions is going to throw into prison.

I assume that skinwalkers are expensive, in salaries at least, to have walking around, so 3 Obama's are quite an outlay for the cartel to be spending more US tax dollars on an operation to just keep the image of Birther Hussein viable.
I understand that the porn industry is going to holograms, sort of scratch and sniff porn, to keep things cheap, so I would think that it would be more effective to just green screen Birther Hussein and insert the digital, as I doubt anyone wants to scratch and sniff the likeness of Obama.

It would be an astute thing if people started asking why Obama is walking with three different head shapes, as it would make the shadowlands nervous, in trying to explain the technology and exactly what had been governing America since the summer of 2013  AD in the year of our Lord.

No one finds it odd that the Obama parentals abandoned the youngest adopted daughter for weeks......as if Sloven would not even miss her adoptive parents?