Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Anal Probe of Barack Hussein Obama's Legacy

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There has been a story festering for two months now, driven by Georgia Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, whose election system was hacked 10 times by the Department of Homeland Security, as Kemp was challenging Director Jeh Johnson's attempt to seize control over elections for the Obama regime.

This had been a underlying plot of the Obama regime for most of the 2016 election and it erupted in this criminal hack by DHS on the sovereign State of Georgia.

As the tongue of image Obama emerged from the shadows to attack President Donald Trump in attempting to keep America safe from Obama terrorists, this story now takes on a new life in being driven by law enforcement from the inside.
One must understand that the Trump Administration can not, "go after" Obama as that would be Nixonian and thwarted in that investigation, but when Sec. Kemp is demanding an investigation, and an Inspector General began the process at the end of January, it changes the entire ballgame.

An Inspector General is not a Special Prosecutor, so this is an entirely different and dangerous situation for the Obama regime. Patrick Fitzgerald as a Special Prosecutor could play political football against in trying to get Vice President Cheney in Plamegate in that coup attempt, but an Inspector General is an officer of the government in which actions are undertaken with results. This will not be a years long investigation.

This is compounded by the miscalculation of Sally Yates who the Obama regime appointed as their cover in crooked Loretta Lynch leaving office, for the Obama crimes. Yates, thinking she could disobey federal law in defending President Trump's enforcement against terrorists entering America was fired, and another Obama appointee who is SECURE BORDERS and LAW ENFORCEMENT in Dana Boente was appointed as acting Attorney General, and Mr. Boente scorched Yates and democrats in his public statement in taking the office.
Democrats have been delaying Jeff Sessions appointment as Attorney General, and now democrats have a man in Boente who is Jeff Sessions with king kong size testicles and testosterone gushing through his veins.

All that Lurch Muchelle Obama and the stand in cast have is the Obama legacy. This is supposed to be carried out as community organized Obama being the mouthpiece for insurrection, rebellion, riot and sedition, to form a political mob, a militant terror wing of the democrat party, amplified past the neo black panthers to intimidate Americans.
A legacy is all the image of Obama has, for the grand stage of attention, and to attempt to write a propaganda for the history books of Uncle Barry, the American Mandela. That all now becomes an issue of Homeland is now being investigated. It does not make any difference if this is contractors, as it may help if these are Edward Snowden individuals, they will readily provide information on who ordered them to do this to save themselves. That points to former Director Jeh Johnson, who has his own list of corruption and crimes in serving the Obama regime.

Title 18 of the federal code makes it a federal crime to “having knowingly accessed a computer without authorization” and to damage or impair the integrity or availability of data, a program, a system, or information. The penalty could be a fine and up to 20 years for each offense.
Georgia also has several computer fraud and abuse statutes that could apply to the DHS contract employee and to other officials in Georgia who are implicated in the effort. Four of the 10 attacks against the Georgia network occurred as Kemp was about to talk to DHS officials, or coincided with his public testimony about his opposition to the critical infrastructure designation.

The short of this, absolute crimes were committed which are felonies. The stage is being set which will drive this in image Obama will be egging on it's domestic terrorists and foreign terrorists. It will be running sedition out of the DC mansion, and this time the Acting Attorney General and the soon to be Attorney General, have an Administration of law and order, and a Steve Bannon who understands completely the necessity of political operations, that when democrats do not behave and are engaged in attempting to destroy President Trump, along with the image of Obama in tearing America apart, then an entire investigation into a criminal investigation in the Obama regime, begins to uncover myriads of other crimes.

That is what the DHS hack is the danger of, because the last thing any former or current regime wants is someone poking around into files, because as in Hillary Clinton's situation, it spreads like wildfire into other crimes.
For all of the harping about Vice President Dick Cheney, Patrick Fitzgerald gave those people an anal exam, and all he could do was trip up Scooter Libby on changing his story. Cheney and his group were clean. The problem with the Obama troupe is there are dead bodies like LaVoy Finicum and Andrew Breibart around, staged dead like Sheik bin Laden, and trillions in embezzled funds to green scammers. The Obama regime humiliated powerful people on every level of government and industry. They all have an axe to grind which is legitimate, and the fact which all of you have to understand is, a DHS hack was not the first crime DHS was involved in something it should not have been in the Obama appointees.

President Trump does not have to press one issue in this, as this is now the Justice Department and the Inspector General. They are already pulling the string on this, and it will unravel, there will be those who will mention other activities, just as Watergate, and then this takes on a life of it's own.
You must understand this reality. The Obama investigations against the Police and Political Opponents were all without substance. It is why an Oregon Jury found the Bundy Patriots innocent and a Federal Judge threw out all charges against the victims of Hutatree. This is a completely different situation in real crimes were committed at DHS, DHS was engaged in an Obama regime power grab of the elections to protect their election fraud by criminal voters, and this has the entire Government moving forward on this.

Put it this way,  Hillary Clinton is in control of the DNC, and is working for Chelsea 2020, while image Obama is running 3rd world rioters, as Hamrod is electing Congress people loyal to her.
The Clintons are keeping their mouths shut in not smearing President Trump, while image Obama is busy mouthing off. When it comes down to it, what does Hillary Clinton prefer in her indictment or an indictment of the Obama regime to keep Justice busy and protect her?

Yes the coconut brain has jinned the game, and it is becoming in the democrats interest to allow the Trump Administration to progress this, and it behooves the Trump Administration to enforce the law against this corrupt regime, in order to save America.

Picture Trey Gowdy grilling image Obama on the deaths of Blacks in Chicago for 8 years in the hot summer of the 2018 elections.

All of this makes perfect political sense.