Monday, January 16, 2017

How to Solve Chinese Aggression, Mexican Invasion and Muslim Terrorism

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder about things.

I wonder in Japanese women are a highly attractive race, and yet their anime makes all the women look like American women.

I wonder in the above, that when what looks like a Manchurian creates a Jai Jai Fembot, that she looks like daddy was an American impregnating a nice Japanese girl, and the result is the Chinese ideal of what is beauty.

See here is former Playboy centerfold Cristy Thom in her pretty, and yes, she outdistances the Jai Jai pretty, but then I am not a Chinaman creating my ideal of what makes wood.

I don't know who the boy is, but this is usually some Glamcon thing where celebrities are paid like 10,000 dollars to sell things to fans. No fembot Glamcons yet though.

What is interesting in the skinny Chinaguy is he likes big tits and apparently women who are bigger than him by a half size. The Mexicans have a thing like that as little Pepe is always tagging along with some rotund mama chattering like a pack of coyotes over a dead horse.

Any way,  it seems like fans and robot designers like women  with pink coloring as pretty, along with bright colors. I am thinking that President Trump should provide me a high security clearance, and let me contract with Kenmore as Sears is in need, to make a bunch of fembots........say 600 million of them. Yes I would make them with plastic frames so they could not be weaponized, but I would hand them out to Muslims to be used as semen holders with hymen renewable packs so they could have a new virgin experience each  time, and sell the rest to the Chicoms for 500 bucks a head.
I mean seriously, how much programming does it take to have a fembot say, "Your cock is so big", "You are so strong and brave", "Please let me do that for you", as bending over and laying down can not be that big of deal.......just make the hootchie  vibrate, self lube and 98 degrees for the 10 cc's.
Do this and we will end the Muslim and Chinese problem as the men will all be fucked out and not able to invade anything.

Ok the Lame Cherry solved another American security problem for President Trump, which will turn a profit.........and you know the Americans already have the prototypes of fleshbots, so make sure they can not be militarized and at least in China, make them pink, but not as pretty as Cristy Thom.

Nuff Said