Monday, January 16, 2017

The Blackonaut

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On this inauspicious Genetic Day which liberals have degraded America into, in honoring not the American Race, but a genetic group headed by Martin King jr., in which John Lewis of the uncivil rights movement is sowing sedition in stating that President Trump is not legitimate and with Ashkenaz Bill Kristol adding to race hatred against the Russians in stating that Mr. Trump hates blacks and loves Russians for defending himself against Lewis, it is time to provide some history, real history which all of you can proudly remember on this MLK Genetic Day in an attack upon the American Race.

This history begins in 1961 at Edwards Air Force Base, where an American Hero named Chuck Yeager had been chosen to be Space Kommandant or the commander of a program to produce space pilots for he US Military, in which numbers of them went on to huge salaries at NASA.

The screening for the school was thorough in out of all the pilots in America, only 26 made the list by the selection committee as this group had to have the Right Stuff.

Race played no part in the selection, as this mandated ability to fly air and spacecraft in every person's life depended on the ability and study of the other.

The List of the best though published had 11 candidates on the list and all were Americans who were White.

Immediately, the Chief of Staff's Office phoned Edwards and wanted to know if any of the candidates were black, and the reply was that only one officer had applied and he had finished number 26 on the list.
General Curtis LeMay was Chief of Staff and knew Chuck Yeager personally, but got on the phone and informed Yeager, "Bobby Kennedy wants a colored in space. Get one into your course!!!"

Yeager informed the General that this would be a bit difficult as the list was already public. The General understood and said he would tell the White House that they were too late for the first class, but there would be another class following.

Yeager barely hung up the phone when the General was back online informing him that the Kennedys had ordered him, ":BY GOD YOU WILL HAVE A BLACK PILOT IN THAT PROGRAM.......NOW!!!!"

General LeMay said, "Do what you have to do, but get that colored guy in".

What Yeager decided upon was that the class would take in 15 candidates, instead of the 11, if the General would forward more money for the extra students and in that way, they could get the black pilot into the program.

All was agreed upon and Ed Dwight, the first black astronaut appeared on the training list in 1961.

It was then the real problems started with Kennedy Affirmative Action with American Prestige on the line in the Space Race with the Soviets. The problem was Ed Dwight who was average. He was a not very talented pilot who was not very bright academically.
Yeager though brought in tutors for Ed Dwight to help him, in the same way an Air Force genius Jack Ridley had tutored Yeager in his supersonic flights. Ed Dwight though was no Chuck Yeager.

Dwight worked hard, but even with tutors he was failing, and he was not keeping pace with his flight time training, and it was becoming a huge problem.

General LeMay was kept informed during the entire process and at an Air Force banquet brought up the subject of Ed Dwight to Yeager, already knowing the answer that Dwight was a washout.
He stunned Yeager in telling him that if Yeager thought Ed Dwight could not handle it, then to boot him out of the program, and the General would back him against the Kennedy's.

Dwight though continued on some way and received his diploma and was carted off to NASA where they would have their first black astronaut. The problem is when NASA tested Ed Dwight and looked at his ratings, they booted him from the program as he did not have the right stuff.

All hell broke loose again, because the power corridors in  Washington demanded to know why Ed Dwight had not been chosen. NASA pointed the finger at the Air Force and Chuck Yeager, with new charges from Ed Dwight that Yeager was a racist and so was the Air Force.

Then appeared black Congressmen to launch an investigation, along the the Pentagon's counsel on charges of discrimination.

Yeager told the lawyer that there was discrimination from the White House for forcing the Air Force to take an unqualified guy.

So in flew a group of Civil Rights Lawyers and black Congressmen, to review the Ed Dwight records and as Chuck Yeager walked them through the details, the Kennedy folks mouths hit the floor. They had absolutely no idea that Ed Dwight had been pampered with tutors and still had flunking grades.
It was disaster for this group and they backtracked like a hound dog to skunk smell.

Yeager was furious and demanded to have charges filed against Ed Dwight for insubordination for the charges brought against Yeager. The Air Force was not about to let that happen as they had been scorched on this political issue.

Now, you know on this MLK day the Truth about the first blackonaut, a mirror image of Birther Hussein affirmative disaster action and a racist loud mouth like John Lewis. Ponder for a moment if the Kennedy's pet designer negro had been on Apollo 13, and his not being able to pull his own weight would have doomed those astronauts to death in their never returning home when Houston was informed they had a problem.

Martin King was a socialist communist who wanted an equal chance for blacks. What America was burdened with was a Barack Obama who blacks on this MLK Day in 2009 could not trample over Martin King fast enough to get to Obama, and now suddenly Martin King jr. is once again to be revered to only promote sedition against President Trump.

Remember the history of the First Blackonaut, as that political infection now has image Obama making pedophiles a race to be championed.

Remember the first Blackonaut, Ed Dwight an unintelligent, whining, backstabbing, no skill, affirmative action racist who smeared an American Hero.

and this is the propaganda lies of Ed Dwight.

Ed Dwight | The HistoryMakers

Ed Dwight, the first African American to be trained as an astronaut and the sculptor of major monuments, was born on the outskirts of Kansas City, Kansas in 1933.